What did I start??

Ok I went thru all the yarn in my closet and pulled out what I want to work on. Apparently I'm an all or nothing gal because here is my want-to-work-on-now pile...

No surprise that half of that are sock projects. First ones I'll cast on for are some socks for the Football KAL. I've been looking for a coral/orange and an aqua blue for Miami Dolphin colors for awhile now. I could find things close, but nothing that screamed out BUY ME! so I kept looking. I was debating on having some dyed for me, but I KNEW I had to have something close in my stash. AND I DID!!

Each ball is a lone skein that I found in clearance bins at different times in different locations. What makes them perfect is that they are both dk weight and are made from the same materials. And knitted up on size 3 dpns should make them move along quite nicely. I think I will use the blue for the main sock and the orange for the stripes, heel and toe.

The other set of socks I want to make for me are these.

Isnt this a great colorway?? I LOVE it!!!

I also pulled out a couple of sweaters that have been languishing in the back of the closet along with #1 Son's vest. Plus some yarn for charities like Warm Up America, Children In Common, Afghans for Afghans and the Red Scarf Project. I've already made up one block for Warm Up America

and started another one all in navy blue. These go FAST!!

And look what I did last night!!!

I pulled out my yarn winder and wound me some cake!! WOW was that fun!!! If I wasnt surrounded by cats I would have done a few more. This yarn will be for the RSP. Already cast on for that one as well.

As if the above weren't enough, I also have 3 cross stitch projects that I want to work on. No pictures of those yet, I need to pull out the fabric for them and its in a different closet that's not as easily accessible......


SusieH said…
Busy busy busy!!! I love the colors for the sports team socks - I'd even wear 'em :) if I weren't a fan of the team.

Cast on a pair of Ravenclaw Horcrux socks today at the playground...they go sooo fast!
Cool! I can't wait to watch your progress.
Brigitte said…
Aren't ball winders just the coolest?! It's so addictive watching the yarn go round! Heh heh, even the kitties get dizzy.

Orange and blue...such a cheery combination! I love making socks in colours I could never wear.

Thanks for your comments on Amphora, btw!
stitcherw said…
You are going to be very busy with all those projects. I love the Regia yarn, that is going to make gorgeous socks.

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