40 Year Old Eyes

They say that once you hit 40, your eyes start to go. Apparently this is true because I'm having a hard time working on my linen projects. I pulled out Queen Ann last night and boy was that interesting! I may have to buy those $1 magnifiers from CVS to make looking at the linen easier. Once I got used to the small fabric, it got a bit better, but when I looked up at the TV and focused on that, it took a couple of seconds to re-focus back on the fabric. It just shows me that I should have done alot of my linen projects when my eyes were younger. Then again it doesnt help that it's 32ct belfast linen either. I think I need to pull out some Monaco 28ct evenweave. Something a bit bigger and more uniform will probably help. Plus I want to pull out my black kitties, Kats by Kelly from Calico Crossroads. My plan is to make up a few of these and put them in a wall hanging. I saw this once at a quilt show and thought the Kelly kitties would be perfect for this!

In knitting news, I finished my red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.

Teddy shows a truer version of the color. Its more of a maroon/burgundy than a red.

This was an easy scarf, I used the Mistake Rib pattern (k2p2k3) and kept knitting until it was longer than my tape measure. The yarn was Reynolds Utopia, #187. Its a pretty decent acrylic, machine washable and soft to the touch. That will go out by the end of the month.

Did I sleep thru Saturday's sky?!?
No, Hemi. I just wasn't home long enough to take it!


staci said…
Well done on your scarf! I know what you mean about refocusing between the tv and stitching--and I'm not even 40 yet!!!
Jane said…
32ct linen was always my favorite fabric for cross stitch. It's been a couple of years since I did any, and I worry that if I want to pick it up again (and finish the project in progress) that I won't be able to see it. I'm already using 2.0 magnifying glasses!
Janet said…
Well that explains everything! I have a counted cross stitch that I'll pickup occasionally and then put it back down. I thought it was because it was white on white- but no it is the small weave!

Nice scarf- nice to have something done.
The scarf is so pretty. I just love that color!!

My eyes turn 39 in less than a week (I've been using readers to cross stitch for about a year now). But I think it's really something to do with global warming... :o)

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