Friday update

I have tried to write an entry for the past 1/2 hour and have wiped out at least 8 different posts. So there will be no witty banter today. No clever conversation will be found.*** The brain apparently isn't capable of it today. Instead it will be just the facts, ma'am.

I've been working on Too Pooped the past few days and I wanted to show the progress going on. It has aLOT of blacks, browns, tans and greys so I can only work on it for so long before I have to rotate it out. So w/o further ado......

I got one leg done and wanted to complete the other, but I needed to take a break from the blacks and greys so I moved to the tree and worked on the browns and tans instead.

I think the next project will be Queen Ann's Lace. She hasnt been worked on since May.

***I like to dilute myself into thinking that normally I DO have clever and witty conversations. Just humor me and we'll all be better off!


Anonymous said…
You're moving right along!

I finished up my shawl last night. It's blocking.

Now I just need to finish up Santa and then I can start September fresh with all new projects.
Carol said…
Consider yourself "humored"! A lovely piece! It's been ages since I tackled a needle project like that and it's really nice to "know" someone who does it :)
stitcherw said…
You made great progress. It is hard to stay really motivated when all the colors are so similar. Looking forward to seeing Queen when you get her out, she's so pretty.
Criquette said…
What a great project! It makes me want to take up cross-stitch again!
Too Pooped is adorable!! I've never seen that one before. (Wow, does that sum up my cats! :o)
tkdchick said…
Oooh he's so pretty yet another project I should get started on!

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