How Hot are You??

Pick a spot, any spot. How hot is it?? Some places are pleasant, but for the most part, many are hot. Some are just unbearable.

Central Florida may not be the worst place, but we're up there. And, honestly, once you hit triple digits for heat, does it really make a difference?? We've got a tropical wave coming thru this wknd and its supposed to cool us down.

To a high of only 92.


However living in Florida also means I live in a/c, so while I sit in a dark air conditioned room, I can still knit wool socks!! Which means I finished the 2nd pair I was working on.

Here is something for scale to show how small they are.

And here are my two baby socks together.

While the red ones are cute, they dont make me go AWWW like the purple ones do.

Details for the red socks are: 24sts using size 7 dpns and wool yarn for a vanilla sock (2x2rib, stst foot). The yarn is Petrouchka Chat Botte. Another oldie that I couldnt find except on eBay. I finished the 2nd sock Wed nite while watching M*A*S*H. (ok it was technically Thursday AM, but regardless I finished around the same time I cast on for it 24 hours before). Like I mentioned previously, I'm not crazy abt the yarn, but it works for what I'm using it for. I have some left over so I cast on for a newborn hat. I'm abt 2 inches into that one. Its not going as fast as I thought, but then again, its just another 2x2 rib and I'm getting a bit bored with that ribbing combo. Once the hat is complete, I will be sending out my envelope to Afghans for Afghans. They've got that new children's hospital that REALLY needs some supplies for the really sick babies. Check out the side bar for more info.

I was a bit knitted out last night so I pulled out Too Pooped. Boy is my eyesite getting worse!! I dont know if its because I was tired or what, but linen is getting harder and harder to work on. Not a good sign since Too Pooped and Queen Ann's Lace are both on linen and NO WHERE NEAR being complete.It looks as if Mag Eyes are in my future.....

And remember how small Princess was when we first got her in Jan?

Well she's not so small anymore!! She fills this thing up!!

Whereas Hemi has some room to spread out!

Don't see that much of a difference?

How abt this comparison!

That's right, big kitty, let me eat. One day I will be as big as you and make you pay for all those swats and hisses. Wait, I do that NOW!!


stitcherw said…
Congratulations on finishing another pair of socks. You're getting so many done, maybe I should send you my pitiful one that is done and you could finish its mate for me. :)
Just kidding, one of these days I'll actually finish it.

Hemi is so cute, and tiny. It is amazing how quickly they grow (just like kids, LOL). Princess looks so large now next to him.
Janet said…
In 6 mos. Hemi will dwarf Princess.

And speaking of hot today was supposed to be a record breaker 80 (I know cold by everyone elses standard but for here that is HOT!!!) And I haven't been able to go outside to enjoy the sunshine. BUGS!!!! that literally take chunks out of your hide.
Megan said…
It's rainy and cold here in RI today. And to think, my gills were almost fully developed thanks to all that sweltering humidity we've been having.
KSee said…
There's a baby in my future and will try tiny socks. BFF daughter 5th grand child. It will be fun to watch Hemi grow up. Princess has so totally accepted him. If she hadn't she wouldn't be so close and on watch. She just has to has attitude to show him who's boss. Two cats are always better then one.
Diane said…
Kittens are so cute. Hubby and I want a kitten so bad but with 2 16 yr old cats in the house we've decided it would be too much on them.

Those red socks made me go awwww too.

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