I showed great restraint.......

Remember how I listed my goals of what I wanted to get done before summer was over? I'm getting closer to some and further from others.

Right now my focus is on the 3 scrapbooks. I had over 200 pictures printed out and then I headed over to JoAnn's to get some supplies. I told myself that I was there for one reason and one reason ONLY and I was NOT going to walk thru the store. (this is where I get into trouble).

Ok so I walked thru the store, but like the title of this post says, I showed great restraint. There were some things that jumped into my cart. REALLY cute paper plates and napkins on clearance 70% off. It totalled $8 for what I wanted, not bad really, but then I started thinking of the two HUGE piles of paper plates and napkins I had in my closet for all the BBQ parties I was going to have. They've been there for 3 years. I put the stuff back.

Then we moved on to the fabric. I needed some single fold bias tape for a dress for Baby Girl. Some fabric jumped into my cart, but everything but one piece went back. It was a remnant piece, a yard and only 75 cents. Pink with thin sparkly stripes. They will make some cute shorts.

So far so good. Unfortunately I had to pass the yarn to get to the scrapbooking section but I was NOT going to go thru it. Until I saw all the red clearance tags.

Like a moth to a flame........

I had read on somebody's blog (can't remember whose, I was following links late at night when I saw this) that Michael's was clearancing out all the novelty yarn and bringing in some normal classic yarn. Apparently JoAnn's is doing the same. They had an entire wall of novelty yarn being cleared out at 95 cents/skein. WOW! However I'm not a big fan of novelty yarn so I was safe. Then I found some Jiffy Thick And Quick yarn on clearance for 97 cents. Two jumped into my cart, then two more!! I looked at it. Touched it. Started thinking how this would make great kitty blankets for the shelter. I looked for more. Then I saw some bulky Lionbrand yarn. OOOHHHHH. In avocado green. Ick. But its only 50 cents!! Wait! I could use some of the acrylic I have at home to add to it!

"some of the acrylic I have at home"

Suddenly I have the image of the garbage bag full of acrylic yarn taking up a LOT Of space in my closet (yes its all the same closet). I put all the yarn back. If I want to make another kitty blanket, I will use 3 strands of what I have and get rid of it all.

I looked thru the rest of the yarn, but no more jumped into my cart. I have to say they have added some more yarn that's not that bad. They have the Paton's Classic Wool and the Lionbrand Wool, but then I saw some GREAT colors in CottonEase. I've never knit with it, but I've heard great things abt it for kids clothing. And they also had some superwash wool in some really nice colors as well. Something I could use when knitting for my neice and nephews.

When all was said and done I didn't buy any of the yarn. I *did* buy a booklet for patterns in organic cotton yarn. I cant remember who made the stuff, but its a new line of organic yarn. Nice stuff, but the booklet caught my eye. The cover had a mom and her baby in pullovers with a notch cut out of the neck. I really liked it and for $1, it was mine.

Once I got to the scrapbooking section, I nearly fell over. I was buying papers for the books because I was working on them now, not because there was a sale. Well I lucked out because everything was 40% off!!! I got a ton of papers plus some stickers. So I am all set to go. Baby Girl has requested that I start hers first. #1 Son doesnt mind since he already has a book to go thru. Now I just need to sort the pictures....

And last night while I was watching The Nanny (I tape them from early in the morning and watch them later that night. This way I have something to watch during the summer season. I can't WAIT for the Fall lineup to start!! But I digress) I finished off the newborn hat for A4A.

It came out ok, but its a bit smaller than I'd like. I followed a pattern for a newborn, but it seems more like a preemie hat. I will send it regardless, it looks like a hat for a 6lber. I realize that's not a preemie size, but when you have babies that are 9+lbs with big heads, 6lbs is small!!


Myrna said…
What a great post! I have the same problem at Hobby Lobby!
staci said…
I totally understand!!! I have such trouble passing up a good sale or 'deal' :) I could probably open up my own craft store with all my stash(es)! Oh well, it keeps me out of other kinds of trouble :)
Carol said…
Sounds just like me except for the putting the stuff back part ;) The hat is adorable! I love baby stuff!
Janet said…
Congratulations!!! Now that you have avoided all of that temptation- go eat a hot fudge sundae w/a warm brownie under it all. I too have a love/hate relationship w/the clearance tags (I would love to take them home/ and hate knitting, sewing w/them.)
stitcherw said…
You did show great restraint, it would have been really hard to actually have it in your cart and then put some back. Sounds like you got lots of good deals though. Your little hat turned out very cute, you're going to have lots of goodies to donate.
Diane said…
Great restraint indeed.
Kathy said…
WOW! You should feel proud of yourself - such strength!!

That is sort of the same scenario I have used during my "Tuesday play day at my LYS"!! As for your question, yes they pay me in real money (but not much of it, but who cares!!)
Vivian said…
Our local Michael's is putting loads of novelty yarns outside in sale bins. My trick is going there without my wallet (let my husband drive me there) to minimize the damage. So far I haven't seen much more wool yarns at Michael's other than Paton's Classic Wool and a store labeled Felt Wool. Haven't seen Lion Brand Fisherman Wool for a long time, which I truly adore.

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