It's Saturday!

And that means Saturday sky pictures.

It's hot, hazy and all around icky. It's 93 outside but feels like 104. And its only 1:30. It will get worse before it gets better. And the IO just put a thermometer in the attic to see how hot it actually is up there......Nothing like a science experiment to while away the summer heat.

And since its been so busy the past couple of days, this is what the tomato plant looks like.

See, it doesnt take long for me to start killing things. I still have two left so I'm hoping that one of them will last.

Lucy: Can somebody move the fan over? Its getting a bit warm......


Anonymous said…
Nice plants- I have a few that look like that. Alas no parcel yet... but remember the lemonade? Please check out this site
Anne said…
LOL. That is absolutely what I do to plants. Well - minus one. I'll show it sometimes, because I don't know the name of it, but it's a pretty green houseplant that gets long vines eventually, and they are the heartiest things EVER. Only plant I've ever NOT killed!
stitcherw said…
Hey, at least it isn't dead yet, that's progress. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it keeps growing.

Lucy looks quite comfy, it is always so funny the strange ways they decide to take a nap and still think they are comfortable.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, now I know why you are so appreciative of the sight of my beautiful healthy garden plants. I started all of my tomatoe plants from seed, all 42 of them, and every one is now producing lovely red tomatoes. I may not have to buy a single can of diced or stewed tomatoes for the next year.

I love the baby socks. I'm going to try the purple ones. I wrote down the # of sts, etc. I am making a baby set right now, and would prefer to make a matching pair of socks rather than booties. I think the socks stay on better anyway.

It's been rather warm here too, we even saw a day or two in the 90's. But we are back into the 80's now, and I am not complaining. Much nicer this way, especially if I'm spending hours in the garden picking beans, tomatoes and whatnot.

Take care kiddo. :)

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