Listen to the Quiet

Do you hear that?? Neither do I. That must mean that it's the first day of school!!! WOOHOO!!! #1 Son started 3rd grade and Baby Girl started Kindergarten. They were up and dressed in record time (too bad this doesn't last all year long!) #1 Son didn't want us walking him to his classroom, but Baby Girl did. She settled in right away, no fuss no muss. She knows two girls in her class plus she got the same Kindergarten teacher that #1 Son had so she was good to go. In fact, the entire classroom was doing really well considering this was the first day of Kindergarten. I think its because the majority of them had siblings that already went to that school, so they were familiar with the surroundings. Only a couple of kids were sad, and it wasn't THAT bad. It was very calm and peaceful in the classroom which I think makes the first day start off on the right foot. And yes even though this is my baby girl going off to full time school, I feel fine. I'd be a mess if she was upset abt it, but since she is handling it well, so am I. I know she's going to have a great time and I'm really happy for her. For the both of them. Plus I'm REALLY liking the quiet!!
Here they are as we're walking out the door.

Here is Baby Girl with her teacher.

As we were driving to school we saw this!

We see them alot when we go to school, but I never have my camera with me. Here is another shot. It's hard to take pictures out the side window while you are trying to drive! LOL

Even though its hard to take pictures while you are driving, there is something to be said having the camera with you. Yesterday when we were getting last minute items and haircuts for school, I saw something I've never seen before. It was a Chevy/Ford van decorated in a most unusual way. It was covered in pennies. Yes, PENNIES!! Bright shiny pennies!! But that wasn't all. It had antler horns on the top of the windshield, mounted like it was on a wall. And the back had a bust(Y!) woman that had a crown like the statue of liberty, but she was holding a microphone and her mouth was wide open like she was singing. And did I mention the big chest?!!? I was amazed and SO wish I had my camera! I even did a google search AND a flickr search to see if anybody had taken a picture of it (the license plate was from Kansas so it's been thru a few states), but I came up with nothing. There was a van covered in pennies, but it was a different model and there were no antlers or lady coming out the back window. I think I need to knit up a little cozy for the camera so that it can live in my purse and not get scratched up for moments like these!!!

And on a final note, let's all pause for a moment of silence.

It was just a matter of time.......


What cute school pictures!!! (Is it me or are they starting school really early this year???)

Is this a Mom-Conspiracy? ;o)
Anonymous said…
No chance of resuscitation for the plant? How 'bout some water.

The balloon shot is great!
Janet said…
Wow, you guys started school even before us. We start on Wednesday.
Taking pictures while driving is a bad thing!
Poor plant.
Diane said…
Wow that was a fast summer! I always love how the kids are dressed well and ready to go at the beginning of the school year but after a month or so you end up prying them out of bed and repeating things like, "put on both of your shoes" or "no you can't take poptarts for lunch" or "are those pants on inside out?"
stitcherw said…
I can't believe summer is almost over and school is starting. I'm glad they are both happy about it and fitting in well. The van sounds like a riot, wish I could have seen it.

Poor little plant, it looked so promising for a while.

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