A Little Finish

With all that is going on (school shopping, sister out, new kitten, car trouble AGAIN) I decided I was going to end my day early yesterday and start knitting around 6:30.

I finished these...

To give you an idea of how little these guys are, here is something for scale...

Aren't they adorable??

Now for some details. 32 stitches on size 2 dpns, 2x2 rib, stockinette foot. ADORABLE!! I used the yarn from these socks to make these little guys. If you looked at the picture, I used the two bigger balls of yarn and still had some left over. This yarn is by Aarlan City. I did a Google search on this stuff, and there was nothing to be found on this yarn except some on eBay. Can you say OLD?!? I started these back on 7/27, the first sock only took me 2 days to do, but the 2nd sock took me 9 days to complete. This is what happens when you have more than one project going.

After I finished the socks, I pulled out the red scarf and added a few more inches to it. I have abt 10 more inches left on it and its starting to get boring. I just want it DONE! Then I pulled out the other red worsted wool sock that I started back on the 3rd and finished that one. By then it was 1:15 this AM** so I didnt get a chance to cast on for the second one. I'm not loving this wool either, it's labeled a worsted weight, but it feels "airier" than a worsted weight usually feels. Once I finish the other sock I'll probably use up the rest of the skein with baby hats.

Regardless of what projects are going on, this Saturday is the first pre-season game of the Miami Dolphins. I haven't been this excited abt the beginning of a season in a LONG time. Why? Do we have a great QB or a slammin' defense?? Nah. I get to cast on for the Football KAL!! I just hope I have enough yarn. I'm going to work them both at the same time so that if I run out, I'll run out around the same place in the sock and any addl yarn I add will be in the same place.

On the kitty front, I can't believe I never mentioned the new kitten's name! We named him Hemingway, after Ernest Hemingway and all his poly kitties, but we call him Hemi for short. Hemis are also car engines and with the energy this cat has, it fits. He's VERY much a hugger and at night he likes to cozy up to sleep. While I was working on the red sock he was draped across my neck. He does try to eat the yarn, but after a few distractions he either runs off to find something else to play with or he snuggles down for a nap.

As you can see, he gets plenty of attention! Tomorrow will be Kitty Thursdays so it will be all kitties all the time!

**Even though I started to knit at 6:30pm and stopped at 1:15am, this does NOT mean I knit for 7 hours. This means that I started at 6:30 and had abt a million breaks between cats, kids and an insane husband. However I did NOT do dishes or laundry or any other household chores.


SusieH said…
VERY cute little sockies. I like, I like....haven't done ANY knitting in two days here and am feeling antsy.
Anonymous said…
Awwwww ... look at those fat little kitty toes!!!

Glad you got some quality knitting time in.
Janet said…
I can only knit for about 15 min. at a time- before my hands go all crampy and tingly.

Did you get to see Endeavor's launch? I know how you are into the space thing- living that close and all.
Jane said…
Nice socks, but that last photo is the money picture! Awwwww!
Diane said…
Those little socks are aborable.
The socks are adorable!

Hemmingway's adorable!
stitcherw said…
Congrats on the finish, the little socks are cute. Love the kitten pictures. Hemi looks like he really is going to be an absolute doll to have around.

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