Monday Update

I can tell school will be starting in exactly two weeks since the pace has picked up and our calendar is filling up with last minute before-school plans, drs visits, etc. Today was a last minute lunch with some friends that was fun for the kids, but work for the adults. Then more school shopping, a variety of other errands and laundry. Gotta love Mondays!!

I really only have one thing to blog abt today. This!

I've got two sprouts now and I see a third one pushing thru the dirt (but you cant see it in this pic). Not bad considering I planted 11 seeds. Like I said, if I can get one tomato out of all of this, I'll be thrilled!

Now I'm off to go thru Baby Girl's room. If you dont hear from me in the next couple of days, I've been lost in a sea of pink.....


stitcherw said…
Your little plant is looking great, I think three sprouts so far is doing pretty good. Good luck with room organizing, it is amazing how the stuff in kids rooms multiplies.
Anonymous said…
Are the kids getting excited about going back?

I'm not looking forward to the U.C.F. kids being back. Oh golly, how the traffic builds once the students get back on campus. This week has been HEAVEN students on campus this week or next!
on the wings... said…
Your cute little plant...seedling...sprout is coming along. Little late in the growing season isn't it? Put it nearer light and (eventually) it will need to be in a bigger pot, but a good start.

My daughter went through a "pink" phase for several years. I know the feeling.
Vivian said…
Yep, back to school, we are doing that too. My son is going to have a week of school, which includes two half days and a Friday off, then Labor Day, then we'll wake up and say, "oh, school has started!"
Janet said…
I think Princess hit the pink phase late... because she now likes it and she is 18. Just wait until horses are added to mix of pink.

SCHOOL starts in less then 2 weeks.. my favorite holiday of the year!!!! LOL. Not much will change here- except maybe my work schedule and fb practices. Princess never came home from college for the summer and Thing One dropped out of HS.

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