Rockin Girl!!!

A couple of weeks ago Jane told me I was a Rockin' Girl Blogger. It was around the time I had seen it a couple of times but didn't quite get it. (Apparently I'm a bit slow on the uptake). I was thrilled that she nominated me, but I didn't do much with it. I didnt even put up the button. Again, I didnt quite get it. But then I did. I started seeing it alot in the blogworld and I felt kind of bad that I didn't post it right away. Since it had been a couple of weeks, I felt weird putting it on my blog.

But then Dee nominated me yesterday and since I now *get it*, I'm posting!!

I just have one question, how can such a rockin' girl blogger be such a dork????

Anyway, I'm supposed to nominate 5 more rockin girl bloggers, but I want to give a special nomination to two bloggers. You guessed it, Jane and Dee. Yes they've been nominated already, but I'm going to second it.

Nominating 5 more is going to be hard since I have like 20+ favorites that I read everyday (not including those I read when I surf), but here goes:

The Knit Farm

Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Deborah's Daily Dilemmas

And in My Spare Time


Check them out, they offer a little bit of everything.


SusieH said…
Oooh, I'd like to thank the Academy LOLOL. Thanks for the nomination, Lynn - now I better post a new post pronto...
Deborah said…
Thanks for the tip on the fixation yarn. I did pull it tight so it is back to the drawing board for me...

Thanks for the nomination!
stitcherw said…
Thanks for the nomination, how fun. I've been enjoying watching the nominations turning up on the different blogs. :)

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