Saturday Sky

There was a LOW in the Atlantic Ocean that was going to bring us lots and lots of rain. We had some yesterday and we had a 50% change of rain today. With that in mind, here is what my sky was like for most of the day.

Around 5pm it started getting cloudy and we heard thunder; and apparently it *did* rain when we went out to dinner since everything was wet when we got home, but it didn't last very long. It's really sad when you watch the weather and hope a tropical storm forms so that we get some desperately needed rain!

Project updates: not much. I haven't touched my cross stitching, I did a couple more repeats on the shawl, I'm starting the heel on one of my Dolphins socks and just finished turning the heel on the other (I have to say working on both socks at the same time is pretty cool and makes me feel like I'm making a lot of progress!), I washed some fabric to make Baby Girl a dress to cover her leotard when we go to ballet, and I'm trying to find the pattern I want to use for my new niece. Why is it when I'm looking for something else I ALWAYS come across it, but now that I need it, its no where to be found. I know where the yarn is and I dont plan on moving it. I'm afraid if I do, I won't remember where I put it!

It's 7:30pm on a Saturday night, the kids are watching a movie, the IO already went to bed, and I'm on the computer trying to motivate myself to do SOMETHING. It's SATURDAY NIGHT for goodness sakes!! Maybe I'll play in my craft closet for a bit. It's possible the baby pattern is hiding in there somewhere.....

Princess says: We're such party animals here at Happy Acres.


Janet said…
Once again- a wonderful blue sky. Thanks for the tip about shooting pix as you drive (got some ok mountain shots today).
It is very difficult to type w/a cat walking on the keyboard!!!!
Anonymous said…
You party-girl you ...hangin' out in the craft closet.

How did you get so close to Lucy without waking her up?
stitcherw said…
Loved the kitty Thursday pictures, they are so cute. Your Sat. sky was gorgeous. We had cloudy sky, but the rain stopped long enough for me to mow. While I don't like mowing, it was nice to see everything starting to green up again.

Have fun spending time in the craft closet. It is always such a good time going through stash and finding all the things we've forgotten about.

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