Something New........

I spent last night and the majority of today going thru the craft closet and bookshelf trying to find a new cross stitch to work on. While I'm going thru my stash, I realized something. The majority of my projects are BIG. Bigger than 8x10 big. Very little of what I own is small. Some of the stuff I pulled out was put back in when I looked at the finished size. But I finally settled on a few things to work on.

Bent Creek's Kitty Cat Row was inspired by StitcherW. When I saw it on her blog, I remembered that I had it too and knew it wasn't TOO big. I need to get some specialty floss and the fabric for it so its on hold for now, but I hope to start it soon. Instead I decided on Seasonal Scenes to be the first thing to work on.

Even though it feels like summer, I started the one for Fall. I figure by the time I finish it,it will be Oct and fit perfectly in with the season. Every space is stitched so I went with a 16ct aida in antique white. I have a lot of 14 and 18 count, but 14 seemed too big and 18 was just too small. I even started it tonight!
By the time I'm done, it will be 5x7, something MUCH more manageable than what I have going now. I can see myself working on this a lot.

While I was playing in the closet, I of course had a helper.

....which begot another helper.....

It's been interesting since the rugrats went back to school. Without them here, the cats are a bit lost. Poor Hemi sticks to me like glue!! The other cats go out, but Hemi is still too young to go out so he gets so lonely and will not leave my side. I got smart today, though. I kept all of them inside and they played with each other. Wore the poor cat out!! Hemi did sit next to me while I was going thru leaflets, but at least I could still do that. Its a pain when I'm on the computer because he wants my complete and total attention.

I don't see a problem with that.

And before anybody thinks I've abandoned my needles, I did do a 4 row repeat on my shawl. Ten more repeats and I'm half way there!! Something else that will hopefully be done by the end of Oct. I've been in a bit of a holding pattern because my SIL is pregnant and I've been waiting to hear if she's having a boy or girl. Well I just found out tonight that she's having a GIRL!!! We are all so happy for her. She has 3 boys now and a little girl would be a nice change. I had a project picked out in case it was a boy, a cross stitch that quotes a scripture of how lovely it is when brothers get along (obviously I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea) with 4 teddy bears in an old fashioned baby buggy. I'll have to put that one away now. Instead I can work on the PINK sweaters I was hoping to knit up! I plan on 2 sweaters with matching hats and socks. The baby is due at the end of Jan, a week after Baby Girl turns 6. That gives me 5 months......


Diane said…
Hemi is a little upset that you've decided not to revolve your whole day around him until the kids come home.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the neice-to-be! I know you'll enjoy knitting in Pink!
stitcherw said…
Hemi is such a little doll, he makes me want a kitten (which with my zoo I really don't need, lol).

Looks like you found some fun new projects to start, the fall one is so pretty. However, even though it is small it is such a dense stitch you'll be busy for a while on it. I'm still waiting for Kitty Cat Row, I wish it would hurry up and get here.

Have fun stitching for your new little future neice, it will be fun to have the whole range of little girl type items to choose from.
Hee hee! I've always got 'helpers' too! :o)

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