Vacation in a Box!

In the movie Total Recall, you could go to a place to have a memory chip implanted into your brain to give you memories of a vacation you didn't go on. A VIRTUAL vacation.


You could have signed up at Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap, get a buddy who would send you cool things thru email, and then send you a box FULL of really cool stuff.

The second way is SO much better!!!!! How do I know? Because I got my virtual vacation in a box TODAY!!!

Janet lives in Alaska and sent me a BUNCH of goodies!! First up, she sent me lots of brochures, flyers and post cards of my *time* there!

Look at all the places I went!!! Then I went shopping! I hit a couple of quilt shops and I got some REALLY cool fabric too!!

The rugrats are already fighting over who gets which one in their quilt!

Ok and look what else came in my box, MOOSE DROPPINGS!!! The edible kind!! LOL They look yummy and will be eaten later tonight when I will be able to eat and not share! Some great smelling soap, some lip balm (oh so nice), a moose cookie cutter, a star ornament, another ornament that is VERY interesting (it's holding a ball of yarn, but she said I am to put an orange in it when I hang it up), three thimbles, some yarn and a 2008 calendar (I LOVE this!)

click on the picture to make sure you get a good look at everything.

Now lets revisit some of the items, shall we? Those three thimbles. When I opened the box up, I only saw one. She tucked the other 2 inside the yarn for safe keeping! Glad she told me or else I never would have found it until I worked with the yarn! Ok those thimbles, one is porcelain/ceramic with the Alaskan state flower on it, the other one is like a Russian doll (and its made out of wood). The third one is especially unusual. It's made out of seal.

The natives make sure that they make use of everything they have, nothing of the animal is wasted. The trick is to keep it away from the cats.

Then there is the yarn. Ah, the yarn.

100% superfine alpaca grown on Alaskan soil. Luscious stuff!!!

And to round things out, we did a trip to the beach in Homer.

Some shells are similar to what we can find here, while others are different. Plus the sand is much darker and coarser than what we find on our beaches here.

Janet, thank you SO much for the wonderful trip to Alaska. It just makes me want to come and visit that much more. And now that you've seen what she sent me, stop by her blog and say hi. She also has a link to a virtual vacation tour(w/o the stuff, sorry but it's all MINE!) that is really cool!!


Janet said…
check the bags! There is also a very small pewter flounder in there somewhere... I am pretty sure.
And I am so glad that you got this before you went back to work.
Very cool stuff that you got from your vacation! ;-)

My Virtual Vacation was totally different, I went to California and Hollywood. :-)

And I love your reference to Totall Recall. Very funny! I saw the movie but I had not thought of that... HA HA!
Carol said…
That's really cool! Alaska and back in an afternoon!
SusieH said…
What a fantastic swap idea - you had one heckuva tour guide there. I really enjoyed looking through your souvenirs, myself!
Deborah said…
aw man, i missed that one, I would have loved doing that swap!

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