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Show Jane Your Socks!

Jane is having her Third Annual Show Her Your Socks contest. This year she's having us show our first pair of socks and then the socks we have just recently finished or are working on right now.

I have a couple of *first* socks to show. First up are my first socks ever.

I made these for #1 Son back in Sept of 2003. I made them using left over acrylic yarns and they have no heel. I know the stripes don't match, he wanted them that way. I'm not sure what to think of these guys. I don't really consider them socks, but #1 Son still wears them occasionally, and since they are on his feet, I guess they count as socks.

My first *real* socks (ie with a heel) are these.

I made these in March of 2005 for my new nephew. These have a heel but they were made with acrylic yarn and the cuff was a bit tight.

My first pair of socks that I made for me are these.

These were made in Oct of 2005. I used some Regia wool blended yarn, but I used a size 3 dpn. They fit but not as snuggl…

Saturday Sky

Will it rain or will it just blow thru?? That's what the weather has been like today. We are having a cold front go thru (high was only in the mid 80s today) and along with it is some clouds and rain. First it was a cloudy sky, then a plain white but glarey sky, then dark clouds blew thru. Now its this.

Apparently the sky can't decide either.

It's been a very busy and LONG week and I'm glad its over. I've been sequestered in my bedroom watching TV and occasionally knitting all day. I am worn out! More details and pictures of what wore me out will follow next week.

Also for those who knit socks and want to be a part of a fun contest, stop by Jane's blog and check out her sock contest. It's always a lot of fun to see other people's socks and she's got great goodies to give away as prices. Even if your sock has gone awry, enter anyway. Even if you've never knit a sock, but have the yarn and pattern all ready to go, you still qualify!! A…

Monday Morning Update

As I start my last week of work, I just keep thinking of staying home. I will still be busy, but at least the work I'm doing will be benefiting my family instead of just pushing paper around all day long. AND I can schedule out time during the day to work on some of my projects. I look at that pile of fabric just sitting there, waiting for me to cut it up and sew it back together. The shorts that are patiently waiting to be made so that Baby Girl can wear them to school. I really need to do this soon too since the shorts Baby Girl put on this AM were too small. And some shorts that #1 Son was wearing this wknd had to be put away as well. What fit at the beginning of Aug apparently isnt fitting so well anymore. At least we didnt do a major back to school shopping, I had a feeling they would have a growth spurt.

And speaking of growth spurt, Baby Girl discovered a grown up tooth cutting thru behind a baby tooth. Her first adult tooth. I'm really good with all kinds of…

Saturday Sightings

You know how it is when you go to somebody's blog and they have a link to something else that you follow and then that blog has ANOTHER link that you follow, and so on and so on? (kind of like an old Breck commercial?) Well I've been seeing some pretty interesting sights that I'd thought I'd post abt today.

First up is a British commercial that includes cereal and knitting.
Since we're already knitting with soy and corn, can this really be that far off??

This next one will either make you green with stash envy, or make you think therapy is needed. Either way, it will make you feel better abt your own stash. Here is a picture to get you started....

Now close your mouth and read abt it HERE

This LINK takes you to an Esty shop that has Thanksgiving items to knit. This is my favorite one.......

You know, I think this jacket would work with this ensemble!!!

Now this last one is amazing to me. Read Be*mused and see how she restored her 10 y/o niece's blankie…

Fun Friday

The first thing that makes it fun is that we survived the bad storms and tornado warnings we had last night. An F1 did touch down less than 4 miles away, but thankfully, we had no damage here. And for those hit by the tornado, there was a lot of damage, but thankfully nobody was hurt.

I'm home today (it's my last magic Friday), and I was hoping to get lots of stuff done, but I've been on the phone all day with friends and family making sure we are ok. So now that its only 1 more hour before I have to pick up the rugrats, why start anything now?? Instead I sat down to eat lunch and as I'm looking thru the channels, I notice a new show, Knit and Crochet Today. Hmmmm. Interesting. AND its on sock making. Well since I have a certain affinity toward socks, I set the DVR to tape. All I can say is that I'm glad that I already know how to make socks because this show CONFUSED THE HECK OUT OF ME! First they showed how to crochet socks. I don't crochet so I didnt pay much…

Wet Wednesday

Whoever has been doing the rain dance, thank you. Now you can stop. It's been raining a LOT ever since that post! I know Carol did a rain dance for me, but if this is all from HER, she's more powerful than she thinks!! Remember Carol, make sure to use your powers for good instead of evil!

On a drier note, I saw this comic strip on somebody's blog, copied it and kept her blog address so that I could properly link her, but since the IO redid the computer none of my stuff is in the same place. I *will* find her and give her credit, but until then, I'm gonna post it.

Lily Chin would be the one to beat!

One Month In

It's bound to happen. Once they start school, they come in contact with all kinds of germs. Thankfully we seem to gain a week each year. While I"ve been ranting abt my job, this past week both kids have been sick. Baby Girl has a cold and #1 Son's asthma kicked into overdrive. He never has a problem during the summer and we havent had to use the nebuliser since March. But its working overtime right now!!

And to add to it, Baby Girl threw up yesterday morning. She woke me up at 6AM to tell me she wasnt feeling well and we had just enough time to grab a towel before she was sick. Once she was done she felt MUCH better and was her normal crazy self.

Until she ate some barbeque potato chips.

Poor thing was so sick again. She ended up falling asleep on the couch around 4pm. She didn't wake up until 10pm that night. Now THAT'S a nap!! We stayed up another couple of hours and both kids ended up sleeping with me that night. THEY sleep better but I'm squished in the middl…

Freedom Friday

Due to recent events, it looks as if I won't be working in the office anymore. Yesterday's post would have been a major rant, but I never got a chance to write it. In a nut shell, I'm being given more responsibility and they are cutting my salary by $12.50. When I questioned it, one of the reasons I was told was that the new salary was a nice round number.



So after talking with the IO, I am leaving. This of course will add MORE financial issues to our life, but it's pushing the IO to get serious abt going back into computers. He promises to send out 5 resumes this wknd. Of course there are no guarantees, but the programming language he deals with is in high demand for people so I'm hoping that it wont take too long for him to be hired.

I plan on giving them 2 weeks, but with me being back for only 2 weeks, I'm not sure if they will even have me stay past Monday. So even though I won't be bringing in money and it will be THAT mu…

A Win-Win Situation

First of all, whoever did a rain dance for my area, THANK YOU!!! It started to rain yesterday at 4:11pm. How do I know that? Because when it started to rain, I looked at the clock to see how long it would ACTUALLY rain! (I swear, you'd think I had no life!). Well after 10 min I was really impressed that it was still raining. You see, we HAVE had some water fall from the sky, but it only lasts for abt 2 min and then its gone. Enough to get everything wet (including yourself), but not enough to really water anything. After 30 min I was completely amazed. Finally after almost an hour later, it stopped raining. I had an empty bowl by the front door (keep in mind this is under a COVERED porch) and it had over an inch of rain in it!! WOOHOO!! Now THAT's what I call rain!

Also on Sunday while watching the Dolphin football game, I finished my Football KAL socks.

I knit them both up at the same time because I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn for both socks. Turns ou…

Saturday Sky

Do you SEE what happens when work, school, ballet and volunteering all happen in one week??? Absolutely nothing! I've also dropped more money this week on school pictures, book fair and ballet than I have in a long time. And I know it only gets worse.

School is going well for the rugrats. Baby Girl is getting a bit worn out. Between full school days and ballet on Thursdays, she is pretty much worn out by Friday. But we are having fun in Kindergarten. And so far I have brought in cooked macaroni, cut up fruit, cut out shapes for turtles and fish, been in #1 Son's class once a week to help with paperwork, helped with the book fair on two different days and was called in to help with school pictures.

And there have only been 3 weeks of school.

Meanwhile the house is taking a major downturn. The IO is helping in the kitchen and doing laundry. Well starting laundry. He will wash and dry them and then dump them on the couch. I'm glad he's helping, but now I have clothes that ar…

Wet & Wild

We did something today that we haven't done in a couple of years.

We went to the beach!! The nice thing abt living in the center of Florida is that if you want to go to the beach, you can go to either the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. The bad part of living in the center of Florida is that if you want to go to the beach, it's over an hour drive. (I'm not a lake person, even if its spring fed. I worry too much abt gators.) Usually we go to the ocean, but with the recent shark attacks and rip currents getting national attention, we decided to head on over to the gulf.

In no time flat, Baby Girl made a friend.

And the IO and #1 Son had fun in the water.

I stayed under the umbrella with my little friend.

There were some pros and cons to this beach. It wasnt a very big area, so parking was right by the sand. No schleping up and down stairs and docks to get to the sand and water. And if you left something in the car, no biggie. It didn't take a hike to get what you needed…

Saturday Movies

Yes it was that kind of day. I'm so tired from working in the office, I did NOTHING today! Ok I did do some laundry, but honestly, I dont even count that anymore. The IO went grocery shopping for me and by the afternoon I took some *me* time and went into my bedroom to knit and watch a movie.

You know what makes me nuts? When they advertise a movie as a comedy, but in actuality its a drama with some relief comedy thrown in. A lot of Robin Williams movies are like this (Fisher King, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, The World According to Garp). If I'm sitting down for a comedy, I want lightheartedness, laughter, maybe a little romance (yes romance comedies are my favorite, then mystery). I DON'T want it to make me think about life. And I don't want it to make me cry.

You can see where I'm going with this.

I taped the movie Click to watch when I had some time to myself. Today was that day. Got my knitting out and started watchin…