Fun Friday

The first thing that makes it fun is that we survived the bad storms and tornado warnings we had last night. An F1 did touch down less than 4 miles away, but thankfully, we had no damage here. And for those hit by the tornado, there was a lot of damage, but thankfully nobody was hurt.

I'm home today (it's my last magic Friday), and I was hoping to get lots of stuff done, but I've been on the phone all day with friends and family making sure we are ok. So now that its only 1 more hour before I have to pick up the rugrats, why start anything now?? Instead I sat down to eat lunch and as I'm looking thru the channels, I notice a new show, Knit and Crochet Today. Hmmmm. Interesting. AND its on sock making. Well since I have a certain affinity toward socks, I set the DVR to tape. All I can say is that I'm glad that I already know how to make socks because this show CONFUSED THE HECK OUT OF ME! First they showed how to crochet socks. I don't crochet so I didnt pay much attention. But when they got to the knitting part, I perked up. I love to watch people make socks, you can always pick up a tip or two watching somebody else knit. Well the guest sock knitter was a bit nervous but she did really well. The host, who doesn't knit, kept interupting and asking questions that those who knit would never ask. This made the woman even more nervous which made her fiddly with the needles which made it look much more difficult than it really is to knit with 4 needles. I just wanted to give that woman a hug after the segment was over.

Later they showed another woman give sock tips for both crochet and knitting. Again, it looked more confusing than it actually is. I'm glad there is another knitting show on TV, I still plan on taping it to watch, but if all the episodes are like this one, I don't see this show lasting long. Of course this is just my opinion, your mileage may vary. If you've seen this show before, I'd love to know what you thought of it.

Speaking of knitting socks, I brought my CIC socks with me to ballet. The majority of moms there are used to seeing me pull out yarn and needles, however this time I had an older woman watching me while I worked on my sock. Turns out she used to knit a long time ago, but had forgotten. She crochets instead. On the other side of me was a 7 y/o little girl who has been wanting to learn how to knit for awhile now, but her mom doesnt know anybody who knits. Unfortunately they were just there to make up a class, they normally go on Tues or else I'd bring yarn and needles and teach her. Meanwhile another little girl started to complain to her mom, "See? I KNEW I should have brought my knitting!" LOL I've been knitting at ballet for 3 years now and I've never had so many people show so much interest in it!! Maybe I can start a little knitting club for the older kids who have to wait while their younger siblings are in class.......I think I should at least bring some extra yarn and needles just in case.

And you'd think with all this knitting I'd have something to show. Nope. That last sock is taking me FOREVER to finish. I worked some repeats on my shawl but not enough to show any progress. So what's a girl to do when there are no knitting pictures to post?? Why distract you all with a cute kitty/kid picture of course!!

Can you get me a snack? I don't want to get up.
(this comment works for both kid and cat!)


Anonymous said…
What channel is that show on? I haven't heard of it before. I'll have to check it out.

Cute kid/kitty pic!
monica said…
I have not heard of that show. I will have to keep an eye out for it.
I find knitting to be a great conversation starter. It always amazes me how mesmerized the little ones get by the methodic motion. I usually have one or two of them standing in front of me while I wait at the allerist office every week, curious as to what I am making.
Janet said…
Thank you! Your saying that you take your knitting w/you to ballet helps me out. My DM says that it is impolite to knit anywhere but home/car. If that was the true case I wouldn't get anything done!

Last week I channel surfed across a knitting show on PBS- my comment to DH was "now this show makes golf look really exciting!"
stitcherw said…
Starting a knitting class while they wait sounds like a good idea, get 'em started while they are young. :)

Cute picture, they both look quite comfortable.

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