Monday Morning Update

As I start my last week of work, I just keep thinking of staying home. I will still be busy, but at least the work I'm doing will be benefiting my family instead of just pushing paper around all day long. AND I can schedule out time during the day to work on some of my projects. I look at that pile of fabric just sitting there, waiting for me to cut it up and sew it back together. The shorts that are patiently waiting to be made so that Baby Girl can wear them to school. I really need to do this soon too since the shorts Baby Girl put on this AM were too small. And some shorts that #1 Son was wearing this wknd had to be put away as well. What fit at the beginning of Aug apparently isnt fitting so well anymore. At least we didnt do a major back to school shopping, I had a feeling they would have a growth spurt.

And speaking of growth spurt, Baby Girl discovered a grown up tooth cutting thru behind a baby tooth. Her first adult tooth. I'm really good with all kinds of milestones, but teeth seem to get me. When #1 Son cut his first tooth, I knew I'd never see that gumless grin again. And now Baby Girl is getting her permanent teeth. Before you know it, I'll be posting abt braces and driver's licenses!

Ok this blog really IS still a knitting blog (even though with all the postings of kids, cats and work, you'd never know it!), and I've got some stuff to post.

I finished my CIC socks and they are being mailed out today. Here are the Magic 28 socks I finally finished off on Friday.

I cast on 28 stitches on size 6 dpns using some tan wool yarn I got from an eBay win (I think).

Since these were tan and the other two were a light pink, I Kool-Aid dyed them on Saturday.

I used 2 packets of Tropical Punch for the light pink and 2 Orange for the tan. The pink ones are now a bright red and the tan ones are more pumpkin than orange.

With the socks done, I worked on my shawl. Somewhere along the way my counting got off and instead of having 54 repeats done (which would have put me 2/3s done), I only had 44 repeats done.


It did take the wind out of my sails a bit, but I really want this done by the end of Oct which means I have to do at LEAST a repeat a night to get it done in time. I did a couple more repeats this wknd to try and catch up.

Baby Girl LOVES it and wants me to make one for her.......Well THAT ain't gonna happen, but I do have some other novelty yarn that I can straight knit which she'd be happy with.

And since I always need a sock in progress, I cast on a pair for #1 Son.

I'm using a size 1 dpn for these socks, and it is going to take me forever!! You knit and knit and knit and knit and only have an inch done. Its a big difference from knitting with worsted weight and size 7s!!

I may have to pull out the cross stitch just to break up all this knitting.......


SusieH said…
Cool wool for those Son Socks there at the end. And way to go with the dyeing - I love to play with koolaid dye :)

I think your shawl is looking fab.

About the time to work on your projects - may I recommend actuyally writing a time every day onto your calendar or whatever? I'm starting to do this because otherwise the day gets away from me and I lose that Me Time I had planned. And bad. :)
stitcherw said…
Sounds like you lucked out by not shopping to early, those unexpected growth spurts can really be expensive on occation if your timing isn't right.

Your socks look great, and your new pair are going to be such a fun color. Your shawl is looking lovely too, I can see why she's want it. Better be careful or it will disappear when it is done, I've had numerous items disappear to turn up later in my DD's area, LOL. Oh well, at least we know they apprecate what we make. :)

So, if crossstitch hops back out which project are you thinking of?
Dr. Purl said…
Wow, look at all you are working on. I can't keep up!! I am so impressed! Super MOM!!
Janet said…
Oh come on... if you start the shawl for her now- she can wear for her High School Prom.

Ok what is w/the kool-Aid dye- does it still smell like the flavor when you are done? Personally I don't want my socks smelling like grape or cherry... on second thought it is better than foot odor.
Anonymous said…
When we are done our 'matching' shawls we will have to go out together!

I'm not quite as far along as you are. But, I AM getting there.

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