One Month In

It's bound to happen. Once they start school, they come in contact with all kinds of germs. Thankfully we seem to gain a week each year. While I"ve been ranting abt my job, this past week both kids have been sick. Baby Girl has a cold and #1 Son's asthma kicked into overdrive. He never has a problem during the summer and we havent had to use the nebuliser since March. But its working overtime right now!!

And to add to it, Baby Girl threw up yesterday morning. She woke me up at 6AM to tell me she wasnt feeling well and we had just enough time to grab a towel before she was sick. Once she was done she felt MUCH better and was her normal crazy self.

Until she ate some barbeque potato chips.

Poor thing was so sick again. She ended up falling asleep on the couch around 4pm. She didn't wake up until 10pm that night. Now THAT'S a nap!! We stayed up another couple of hours and both kids ended up sleeping with me that night. THEY sleep better but I'm squished in the middle.

Of course all of this happens when my sisters are coming out. AND the IO has been reloading the computer and adding in some stuff he will need for his computer upgrade. Which means no little computer breaks for me (hence no Saturday Sky post). Everything is back up and running, and while I still have all my favorites saved, they are in different order. PLUS all my emails disappeared..... I had some saved to read later, some saved to respond to later and some saved to refer to later! So if I owe you an email, I apologize. If you don't hear from me, its because of the IO, NOT because of me!

What did *I* do during all this madness? TONS of laundry! I'm almost caught up. And I've been working on the kitchen. And during her long nap, I cast on for a Magic 28 sock. This time I measured while I counted so I can knit w/o having to mark off each row. Yes I can always go back and count, but measuring works the best for me. I finished one sock and should be able to finish off another one in the next couple of days. I really like this pattern, I'm using size 6dpns with this one and I'm getting a gauge of 5.5/inch. The other pattern I use gives me a 5/inch gauge, but they are for an infant, perfect for socks that will still warm toes but not used in walking around a lot. I *may* get a 4th pair done for this challenge, but I do plan on Kool Aid dyeing them and I want to be sure I have enough time to do it all and still get them in the mail by Oct 1st.

And to keep this post from being pictureless, I'll leave you with a Hemi AWWWWWWW!

Don't hate me because I'm adorable!


Dee said…
Sorry the kids aren't feeling well. Hope they perk up soon.

Hemi is so adorable.
Carol said…
Awwww! Hemi is just too cute! Sorry the kids got the bug, hope it's a super fast one!
SusieH said…
Feeling the pain withBiily's AStham - you mentioned the nebulizer. David switched to a puffer a couple of years ago, with a spacer, and by golly, it is MUCH easier and quicker to dose him if needed. ALso, is Billy on a daily med as well? David's astham was never "Bad" but he did really really well after adding a daily preventive inhaler (his was aerobid), which is no longer needed after a couple years, but he still takes daily Singulair, whichis a miracle drug for asthma/;allergies IMO. Email me and we can talk at greeeat length about asthma boys, but I just wondered since his is kicking up... :)
KSee said…
How is it that cats can pose without knowing they are doing it? Hope the kids and you feel better next week.
mommieofdrew said…
I so feel you. Drew woke up fri morning with a seal like bark and soar throat. then at like 245am while dh and i were having alone time...drew barges in and sounded horrible and had a temp of 104 so i gave him tylenol and his cold meds. we think he may have and upper respitory infection...what fun. then i was up every hour or so checking his temp.
Jane said…
Oh, I'm sorry to see the kids are under the weather. Hope they feel better soon. Cute kitty - and guess what - I got TWO cats today. They are hiding under boxes in the garage, but as soon as I make friends with them (which might take a while) photos will follow.
Diane said…
I hope the kids start feeling better soon.

That Hemi picture is just too cute!
Vivian said…
ahhh, beginning of school year! It usually hits my son by Halloween, just more to celebrate! Hope you and the kids all get over the hump soon. sick kids are always so hard on moms.
Mary Lynn said…
My DH is a 1st grade teacher. Every fall, we end up sick. Some new bug that goes around and the darlin' kids give it to him and he shares . . . loverly.
Dr. purl said…
Sorry to hear the little ones are sick!! I know I caught stuff already from my kids in just the 2 weeks they have been back. Cute photos of the kitty!
stitcherw said…
Yup, school does mean germs. So sorry to hear that the kids have been ill. Hopefully they both get better soon and can avoid the next round of bugs at school.

Hemi is such a doll, makes me want a kitten again they are just so cute.
Life's a Stitch said…
Tres adorable,

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