Saturday Movies

Yes it was that kind of day. I'm so tired from working in the office, I did NOTHING today! Ok I did do some laundry, but honestly, I dont even count that anymore. The IO went grocery shopping for me and by the afternoon I took some *me* time and went into my bedroom to knit and watch a movie.

You know what makes me nuts? When they advertise a movie as a comedy, but in actuality its a drama with some relief comedy thrown in. A lot of Robin Williams movies are like this (Fisher King, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, The World According to Garp). If I'm sitting down for a comedy, I want lightheartedness, laughter, maybe a little romance (yes romance comedies are my favorite, then mystery). I DON'T want it to make me think about life. And I don't want it to make me cry.

You can see where I'm going with this.

I taped the movie Click to watch when I had some time to myself. Today was that day. Got my knitting out and started watching it. Well it started out funny, but then it got serious. Then it got dark (this shouldn't surprise me since it has Christopher Walken in it). I now no longer can knit because my eyes are leaking. The IO comes in and sees me and asks me what movie I'm watching (he knows I dont like movies that make me cry). When I told him Click, his first response was, "I thought it was a FUNNY movie!"

So did I.

I guess I should have seen it coming, but I figured it would be like It's A Wonderful Life. Lighthearted with a lesson at the end. Then again that movie is from 60 years ago, AND it makes me cry too. I have no idea what I was thinking, but it wasn't what I was expecting. So now I'm watching one of those Jane Doe movies they show on the Hallmark Channel. Taped that one as well. Those are good to watch with #1 Son. Once Baby Girl goes to sleep, he likes to watch TV with me. Well tv after 8pm is not exactly kid friendly (think CSI or Desperate Housewives) so I tape movies like the Jane Doe ones so we have something to watch. They remind me of the old cop shows of Mannix or Quincy or (my grandmother's favorite) Kojak. (Boy have I just dated myself!!) Oh and we watch Monk together as well.

As far as my sky is concerned, it was similar to last week. This is my front yard

and this is my back.

We had some thunder and while I was taking the picture of the back yard, I saw a streak of lightning and a boom of thunder so I figured we'd be getting something soon. Nope, that was the extent of it and then it cleared up. Go figure.

Well it's time I got back to Jane Doe to see how she solves the puzzle of the missing Declaration of Independence. Finally something I can knit to!


Anne said…
I am SO with you. Click made me cry like a baby - it was better than I thought it'd be, and far more serious too!
Janet said…
Haven't watched Click- thanks for the warning. Better stick to MouseHunt or Rat Race.
And laundry does count as a chore- I have 5 loads to do today. And I did 3.5 loads yesterday!
staci said…
Oh I agree!!! I thought Click was supposed to be funny too--till I saw it! I love romantic comedies and those Hallmark mystery movies :)

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