Saturday Sightings

You know how it is when you go to somebody's blog and they have a link to something else that you follow and then that blog has ANOTHER link that you follow, and so on and so on? (kind of like an old Breck commercial?) Well I've been seeing some pretty interesting sights that I'd thought I'd post abt today.

First up is a British commercial that includes cereal and knitting.
Since we're already knitting with soy and corn, can this really be that far off??

This next one will either make you green with stash envy, or make you think therapy is needed. Either way, it will make you feel better abt your own stash. Here is a picture to get you started....

Now close your mouth and read abt it HERE

This LINK takes you to an Esty shop that has Thanksgiving items to knit. This is my favorite one.......

You know, I think this jacket would work with this ensemble!!!

Now this last one is amazing to me. Read Be*mused and see how she restored her 10 y/o niece's blankie. Here is what it looked like when she got it.

You have GOT to see what she ended up with. Absolutely amazing!! This woman has talent! The permalink wouldn't work for me so click on the above link and scroll down to her September 8th post.

Hope your Saturday has been a nice one.


Sandie Knapp said…
Loved reading about the "Blankie." Thanks for sharing that with us. I also checked out the "stash" pile too. OMG, she won't need to buy another piece of yarn even if she lives to be 100 yrs. old. LOL

Glad to see you escaped any damage from the storms. Your Saturday sky was lovely, as was my own. Oh yes, a kitty/kid photo is always enjoyed too. Take care. :)
stitcherw said…
Oh my, you certainly did find some interesting sites. Loved the Shreddies commercial, and the yarn stash room was awesome. So glad to hear that you didn't have any damage from the tornados.
Janet said…
Gotta' love that hat! I was wondering what jacket went w/it- and sure enough it was the latch hook.

You made my surfing easier this week for Monday's random web and Tuesday's strange stuff.

DH wanted to know if I could make another quilt 100 times bigger- until I told him that the doll quilt took over 2 yrs.
Vivian said…
I actually know a yarn shop that looks just like that. Our knitting group used to meet there every month and sometimes whisper when she's going to clean up.

I love blog surfing too, but you sure have found some real interesting things. Thanks for sharing!
Life's a Stitch said…
LOL the latch hook jacket. That was fun, following your links,

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