Saturday Sky

Do you SEE what happens when work, school, ballet and volunteering all happen in one week??? Absolutely nothing! I've also dropped more money this week on school pictures, book fair and ballet than I have in a long time. And I know it only gets worse.

School is going well for the rugrats. Baby Girl is getting a bit worn out. Between full school days and ballet on Thursdays, she is pretty much worn out by Friday. But we are having fun in Kindergarten. And so far I have brought in cooked macaroni, cut up fruit, cut out shapes for turtles and fish, been in #1 Son's class once a week to help with paperwork, helped with the book fair on two different days and was called in to help with school pictures.

And there have only been 3 weeks of school.

Meanwhile the house is taking a major downturn. The IO is helping in the kitchen and doing laundry. Well starting laundry. He will wash and dry them and then dump them on the couch. I'm glad he's helping, but now I have clothes that are crumpled up and falling all over the place. Plus it's a great place for the cats to snuggle up.

Do you mind? I'm trying to nap!

Some slight good news......the IO is looking into going back into computers again. Ever since he got laid off from Sprint six months after 9/11, life has never been the same. After a very interesting 5 years filled with job and health issues, he's realizing that maybe he should get back into computers and is looking into getting his certifications updated. Once he gets them, I'll be able to stay home again.

And maybe finish off my house. Does wanting baseboards make me materialistic?!?

Knitwise, not alot is going on. I've done abt 3 repeats on my shawl and I'm getting close to finishing my football socks. I STILL can't find my patterns that I want to use for my sil and I'm running out of places to look.

And last but not least, here is my sky.

Yes it's cloudy, but we won't get rain from it. I was hoping Tropical Storm Gabrielle would give us some rain, but she's doing just the opposite. Not only are we not getting any rain, but the occasional afternoon showers arent even happening due to her hogging all the moisture.

Anybody know of any rain dances??


Dr. Purl said…
A sure way to get rain... Plan something that you need it to be dry for, a party, hang laundry on the line, family outing... Then it will rain!
Anonymous said…
That's weird ... we've had a little bit of rain every day. Not enough to really take care of the drought, but enough to water the lawn and the orchids.
Carol said…
We've been doing rain dances for months and nothing! Sounds like you're working 2 jobs! My fingers are crossed for good things for you guys!
Janet said…
Rain? Can I send you some? We got lots!! I have never had to hang up my jacket at the library and today we did! We were soaked!
What's with the Husbands? I gave mine until spring- then he will have to go get a real job! Good luck!
Deborah said…
Reactors produce black rain but I don't think that's what you had in mind...
Anonymous said…
I love the colors you chose for your socks. Very pretty.

We've had quite sufficient rain, but the center of our state did not. Funny how some get quite enough and others get none. Now it's getting much cooler. Some of us (I hope not me) will be seeing a bit of frost Sunday morning. Crossing my fingers against that one for now.

Take care. ME :)

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