Saturday Sky

Will it rain or will it just blow thru?? That's what the weather has been like today. We are having a cold front go thru (high was only in the mid 80s today) and along with it is some clouds and rain. First it was a cloudy sky, then a plain white but glarey sky, then dark clouds blew thru. Now its this.

Apparently the sky can't decide either.

It's been a very busy and LONG week and I'm glad its over. I've been sequestered in my bedroom watching TV and occasionally knitting all day. I am worn out! More details and pictures of what wore me out will follow next week.

Also for those who knit socks and want to be a part of a fun contest, stop by Jane's blog and check out her sock contest. It's always a lot of fun to see other people's socks and she's got great goodies to give away as prices. Even if your sock has gone awry, enter anyway. Even if you've never knit a sock, but have the yarn and pattern all ready to go, you still qualify!! And if you've knit socks before but have discovered that its not for you, go for it anyway. If you win yarn, you know who you can send it to!! ;-)

More updates as the week progresses.........


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