Show Jane Your Socks!

Jane is having her Third Annual Show Her Your Socks contest. This year she's having us show our first pair of socks and then the socks we have just recently finished or are working on right now.

I have a couple of *first* socks to show. First up are my first socks ever.

I made these for #1 Son back in Sept of 2003. I made them using left over acrylic yarns and they have no heel. I know the stripes don't match, he wanted them that way. I'm not sure what to think of these guys. I don't really consider them socks, but #1 Son still wears them occasionally, and since they are on his feet, I guess they count as socks.

My first *real* socks (ie with a heel) are these.

I made these in March of 2005 for my new nephew. These have a heel but they were made with acrylic yarn and the cuff was a bit tight.

My first pair of socks that I made for me are these.

These were made in Oct of 2005. I used some Regia wool blended yarn, but I used a size 3 dpn. They fit but not as snuggly as I'd like.

Thank goodness I've learned a thing or two about making socks!! My latest are these.

My tan ones for CIC that were eventually dyed Pumpkin.

And of course the lastest socks for #1 Son

I used the same pic from my previous post, they haven't been touched since!! Can I TELL you how small size 1s are?!!?!?

Thanks for doing this contest Jane! I always love looking at other people's socks, AND this has inspired me to put all my sock pictures in one folder so I can see what I've made and how many I have done. That would be 27. Hopefully I can break 30 by the end of the year.....


stitcherw said…
Fun post, it was like sock making history 101. Sometimes it is a lot of fun to look at your older projects to see how far you've come.
Janet said…
oh wow! That is a lot of sock knitting. What w/work and kids and house. How do you do it all?
Karen said…
Thanks for the heads up on the contest...I will have to dig out my first pair and get some pics taken. Yours look great by the way. I personally like my stripes to match, but you have to give them what they want..otherwise they won't wear them.
Knitman said…
I have that exact same colourway of the Regis(grey/maroon).
I think the pussies are cute. I miss having them but can't keep them anymore.

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