Wet Wednesday

Whoever has been doing the rain dance, thank you. Now you can stop. It's been raining a LOT ever since that post! I know Carol did a rain dance for me, but if this is all from HER, she's more powerful than she thinks!! Remember Carol, make sure to use your powers for good instead of evil!

On a drier note, I saw this comic strip on somebody's blog, copied it and kept her blog address so that I could properly link her, but since the IO redid the computer none of my stuff is in the same place. I *will* find her and give her credit, but until then, I'm gonna post it.

Lily Chin would be the one to beat!


stitcherw said…
Sorry you're getting so much rain. We could use a bit of it here again as it has been a while since our last round. Loved the comic, thanks for the smile.
Carol said…
Don't look at me! I was job dancin'!
Janet said…
Wasn't me doing the dance- we have had alot of rain up here. (The earth worms are drowning!)
At least w/it raining you have an excuse to stay inside to knit.
Anonymous said…
That's a HOOT!

Not raining here today (FINALLY), but I hear more is in the forecast.
Vivian said…
We can really use some rain in California! (there are whispers about water rationing ....)
Deborah said…
I could use some water in Jersey. My dailias are dead, so are my tomatoes and I ain't planting any mums for Fall until I see some water...

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