Wet & Wild

We did something today that we haven't done in a couple of years.

We went to the beach!! The nice thing abt living in the center of Florida is that if you want to go to the beach, you can go to either the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. The bad part of living in the center of Florida is that if you want to go to the beach, it's over an hour drive. (I'm not a lake person, even if its spring fed. I worry too much abt gators.) Usually we go to the ocean, but with the recent shark attacks and rip currents getting national attention, we decided to head on over to the gulf.

In no time flat, Baby Girl made a friend.

And the IO and #1 Son had fun in the water.

I stayed under the umbrella with my little friend.

There were some pros and cons to this beach. It wasnt a very big area, so parking was right by the sand. No schleping up and down stairs and docks to get to the sand and water. And if you left something in the car, no biggie. It didn't take a hike to get what you needed and come back. The water was also very calm and shallow, plus it was roped off so that you couldn't go out too far. We didnt have to worry too much abt the rugrats getting in too deep.

However there were a lot of these.

This guy bit Baby Girl. She was holding it to show her friend, and then she palmed it. OUCH!!!! Poor thing will never do THAT again!!

And along the jetty, some older kids found this one.

Later when #1 Son coerced me into going into the water, the bottom felt weird. Kind of like muck. And according to the IO, it got worse the farther you went out. The part where I was sitting was white and sandy, the part where the tide came in and out was different. And if you dug a moat, it was icky.


Oh and did I mention the reactor?!?

Makes me wonder what kind of fish people are pulling up along the bridges......

Hey, be happy I only have the two eyes!!

So while there were some nice things abt this beach, I think we'll stick to the ocean. I know there are some REALLY nice beaches on the Gulf, (Naples and Sanibel Island are rated some of the top beaches of the US) but this one wasnt one of them.

Overall, though, we really did have a nice time. The stuff that put us off only bothered us grown ups, the rugrats had a fantastic time.

Which is all that matters....


Anonymous said…
Did the crab not have claws?

Ohhhh, the mucky kind of beach --- blech!
Jane said…
Ahhh, the beach. The muck wouldn't bother me - I never go in. hee hee
Diane said…
Knitting on the beach is so relaxing.

Funny how the kids hit the beach and in no time at all they have a "new best friend" to play with.
Janet said…
Wow! real sand... not something shot out of volcanoes and almost pumice. Mud is supposed to be good for the skin- just not sure about what actually is in it.
Carol said…
OMG! You went to the beach? ;) I haven't been there in 11 years! Takes us 15 min to get there too. Nice to hang out all day and get take home some dinner!
Deborah said…
Wow, your post certainly wasn't approved by the Central Florida Tourist Board!

It looked like a great adventure nonetheless. Love that reactor photo!
KSee said…
Oh, to be knitting at the beach. the kids sure had a great time dispite the crabs. Oh, to be a kid again. I grew up at the beach and those are my best memories.
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous now. Just about everywhere I go, it's an hour's drive, or very close to it. Even just to do grocery shopping. If I only lived an hour's drive from the ocean, I'd be there OFTEN! You are so lucky!

Take care.
ME :)

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