A Win-Win Situation

First of all, whoever did a rain dance for my area, THANK YOU!!! It started to rain yesterday at 4:11pm. How do I know that? Because when it started to rain, I looked at the clock to see how long it would ACTUALLY rain! (I swear, you'd think I had no life!). Well after 10 min I was really impressed that it was still raining. You see, we HAVE had some water fall from the sky, but it only lasts for abt 2 min and then its gone. Enough to get everything wet (including yourself), but not enough to really water anything. After 30 min I was completely amazed. Finally after almost an hour later, it stopped raining. I had an empty bowl by the front door (keep in mind this is under a COVERED porch) and it had over an inch of rain in it!! WOOHOO!! Now THAT's what I call rain!

Also on Sunday while watching the Dolphin football game, I finished my Football KAL socks.

I knit them both up at the same time because I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn for both socks. Turns out I had enough and even had left overs.

The blue is Sirdar Snuggly yarn and the melon is Wendy Peter Pan yarn #333. I dont usually knit socks with acrylic, but they were the colors I was looking for and they were in my stash. Since I plan on using them as house socks, they will be fine. I did a K3P1 rib and a stst for the foot, your basic vanilla sock, using size 3dpns (gotta love DK weight yarn!). They still took me longer than expected, abt a month, but they are done and I can move on to my next pair of socks.

Which I did.

Children In Common is revving up for an Oct 1st sock blitz so I cast on AND FINISHED sock #1 and cast on for sock #2!! I probably could have finished the 2nd if I didnt have to go to bed at a decent hour to wake up for work today. I'm thinking I'll finish it off tonight. I may make a couple more before the end of the month, esp since I still can't find the patterns for my SIL! It's light pink yarn so that means by the end of the month I'll be mixing up another batch of Kool Aid.


Cool about the rain!! (It did rain up in SW PA on and off all weekend. Unfortunately, it was about 80F with a 68F dew point!!)

The socks are fab!! Congrats on the finish.
Anonymous said…
Cute Dol-fan socks.
Vivian said…
We need rain too! It's been so dry here, and a really bad fire season. Nice colors on the socks!
Carol said…
Very nice socks! Even tho the Fins lost their backsides Sunday (3 pts not too bad) That was me doing the rain dance ;) I must have pointed north!
Life's a Stitch said…
Acrylic makes for soft and durable socks. They look perfect,
Deborah said…
I can't imagine a dry Florida. So glad you got rain.

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