Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning Update

Since a couple of you asked, here it is.

I just took it 10 min ago, but you might as well slap a Saturday Sky title under it since it would look the same. I was waiting for a nicer sky but it never really showed up.

Guess what I got to wear over the wknd? My shawl! We went to a convention on Saturday and I knew it would be chilly during some of the lectures so I brought it and I'm glad I did! I can tell already that I will be getting good use out of this shawl. And the Rugrats love it, including fiber sensitive #1 Son. I'm thrilled it's done, but I feel a bit lost now that it is. I get that way with projects that take awhile to complete. I'm glad they are done, but there is a bit of a loss felt when it is. So what did I do? I cast on for a sweater!

I spent the majority of Sunday trying to get gauge on this sucker!! Finally I decided to go down one size on my needles and up one size on the sweater. The sizing will work, I just need to measure length in the smaller size. We'll see how it goes. I'm LOVING the yarn, its JoAnn's brand, Bellezza Collection Dolcetto. It's a wool/cotton blend in winter white and SOOO soft! The pattern I'm using is from the Premiere Issue of Knit It, and its a cardigan w/o the buttons. It's the first sweater I'm making for ~ME~ in, oh, 15 years, so it should be interesting. I don't expect to have it complete in time for this year (though it would be nice), but I will definitely get to wear it next year for sure.

Since it's white, I can't work on it at night while surrounded by cats so I worked on a sock that I cast on last Wed.

I'm using some eBay yarn and my Super 24 Baby Socks pattern. All that is left is to kitchener the toe on this puppy. I showed Dee the cuff on Thursday and it looked HUGE! Like it should fit a large child, but once I turned the heel and could actually count my gauge, I was dead on. The yarn has lots of extra bits that stick out so I think that's what made my cuff so thick. I just need to find a 2 y/o to be sure. It will go in a pile for either CIC or A4A.

And on a final note, don't forget the current contest! Mr Euro is looking for a new home and leaving a comment on what you'd like to use Mr Euro for will enter you into the contest. Nov 1st at noon will be the cut off.

Now to find my yarn needle. I don't think many parents will let me near their kids with a sock that has pointy sticks coming out of it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Grown Up Conversation an a CONTEST!

Many moons ago, when AOL was one of the few places that had decent on line groups, my on line friend Vicky told me that a group of stitchers would be meeting up at the LNS just down the road from me. Would I like to come?


I had the normal meeting-new-people jitters, but we had a great time. And 7 years later we're still at it!

from l-r: Jacki, Pat, Kathy, me, Vicky and Dee.

Before meeting up with the girls I went to JoAnn's to get a couple of things. While the clearance section of the yarn was a bit dizzying (they carry SO much more now), I was able to resist and only get a couple of knitting magazines. I was trying to pace myself for the LNS. And I controlled myself there as well.

I bought some 28ct linen (sand and millenium blue) for two new projects I want to start, some GAST and WDW fibers and only one new pattern by M Designs, Five Cats and a Canary.

They had one stitched up in the shop and the dyed floss really makes a difference in the cats. Makes them more realistic w/o having to change shades every two or so stitches.

All in all, it was a great day. It was fun to get out of the house with some friends, shop, stitch and get some lunch. Now that both kids are in school all day, it will be easier for me to meet up with them, I already have my calendar marked for next month!

Now with all this talk abt cross stitching, have I been getting any knitting done? WHY YES INDEED I HAVE!!

My shawl, she is done!! I cast off on Sunday but the pattern I was using suggested a single crochet border. I needed to have a bit of a brain for that one since I don't normally crochet so on Wednesday I pulled it out after dinner and tried it. It was NOT working out at all so instead I decided to wash and dry it. It was MUCH softer than when it went in. I'm hoping once I block it out, it will be a bit longer in the back. Either way, I'm happy with it and expect to get a lot of use out if it this winter.

Project stats:

Start: 5/23/07
End: 10/20/07
Project Time: 5 months
Needles: US #7
Yarn: Louet Euroflax Linen, sport weight in Grape.
I used 81 repeats of a feather and fan pattern which used up 3 skeins (I had less than a walnut sized ball left).

I bought this as a kit from my LYS and since I used the smaller length suggested, I have one skein of 270yds of linen left.

What to do, what to do. I think he wants a new home and so that leads me to my first ever contest!! If you are interested in giving Mr. Euro a new home, leave me a comment. Tell me what you think of Mr Euro. Should he be helpful around the house or just eye candy? You decide. I will leave this open until Nov 1 when I will randomly pick who gets Mr Euro (kind of like the Dating Game). No tricks, all treats.

Now the final question is this, why is the shawl a *she* and yet the yarn is a *he*? Because the finished product (the shawl) is a soft, comforting item, while the yarn in its natural state (Mr Euro) has bits of vegetable matter stuck in it and is a b*tch to work with! Or so my mind thinks........

Monday, October 22, 2007

How Times Have Changed

When I was a little girl, we had 5 channels to watch on TV, the big 3 (CBS, NBC and ABC), a local PBS channel and an independent local channel. Channels 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 were all we got. We had a big antenna so the big 3 came in clear, the PBS channel was mostly clear and 6 (the independent channel) was grainy at best. Every once in awhile we could get a UHF channel, but that was REALLY snowy. I remember my grandmother asking how I could watch it since the reception was so grainy, but Wally Gator was on and since I hardly ever got to see it, I dealt with it.

Saturday mornings were for serious cartoon watching.

And if you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theatre. There was no Blockbuster video store.

When I was 12 or 13 we got cable. Or my sister did. My grandfather was quite happy with his antenna thankyouverymuch. Oh, but the cable.......MTV (when they actually played music videos!), and HBO!!!! We didn't get Cinemax because that's where the adult movies were played, but I still had 35 channels to watch. I would come home from school and watch the latest music videos and then watch The Joy of Painting for an hour. My sister thought I was nuts.

Then we got a VCR and could TAPE SHOWS WHEN WE WEREN'T HOME! Life was good.

Now we have Dish Network with a DVR. I can tape 2 shows at once and watch a 3rd. We have 500+ channels. I can watch cooking all day long, I can watch golf or fishing 24/7. If I want to watch the news, BOOM! I have 3 or 4 all day news channels to choose from. What's the weather in New York? Check the Weather Channel. And if I can't find it there, I can hop on the Information Highway and google it.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because today we had a problem with our tv set and it would only transmit snowy shows. It reminded me of growing up with snowy reception and I proceeded to impart this knowledge to my children. OMG you'd think I grew 3 heads!!

"You ONLY had 5 channels??"

"You couldn't rent movies?!?"

"They only played cartoons on Saturday?? When did you watch Spongebob?"

"There WAS NO Spongebob?!?"

They thought I was kidding when I told them that the IO lived out in the country and only got ABC and NBC on a good day and didn't get cable until he was about 20.

It's my generation's version of walking to school in snow up hill both ways.


And to keep this post from being picture free (because that would be a travesty!) I'll post an update of my Seasonal cross stitch project.

This was from the end of August.

And this is where I am now.

I seriously considered changing to a different season since its already the 2nd half of October, but I've already stitched parts that don't match the other 3 and I'm not ABOUT to rip it out. So we will stay with the Autumn scene. It doesnt really make that much of a difference since it still feels like summer here. It's not the core-of-the-earth hot, but the heat index today was 96. Ugh.

I think I need to google Bob Ross. Maybe if I look at some of his winter scenes, it will cool me off.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Stuff

The good news: The IO is feeling better.

The bad news: He's well enough to start a zillion projects again.

He has such good intentions, but he's exhausting.

Knitting good news: I have only 10 more repeats on my shawl!! WOOHOO! I'm not going to take any more pictures until it's done. I have SUCH incentive to work on this shawl now that I can REALLY see the end of the tunnel.

Knitting bad news: Not much really. I haven't done much with #1 Son's socks, but (more good news) he likes them! He's very sensitive with what he wears and 100% wool is too itchy for him. The yarn in his socks is a wool blend with nylon AND elastic in it so not only is it not itchy, but its also not tight (another thing he's sensitive to) so it looks like he will wear these socks. That gives me incentive to work on them now.

I'm SLOWLY starting to see things shaping up here. I'm getting piles put away faster than they are being made. My sewing table is still big AND in the living room, but at least it looks like I wont be adding anything more to it. The big pile of clothes in the bedroom has strunk down to just clothes that are too small. I want to separate them into *save for posterity*, *give to my SIL*, *possible yard sale* and *give away*. I don't really like garage sales, but it's looking like I can get rid of alot of stuff that way AND make some yarn money. I'll just have to see how big that pile gets....

While I'm seeing some progress being made inside, the outside is bad. The lawn mower is tempermental at best, you have to finagle it, talk to it and eventually kick it before it will start. I really want to get a new one, one that *I* could start if needed. The IO is outside with the weed eater trying to tame our Garden Of Weeden.

See these guys?

These are Sandspurs. They are nasty. It's a *grass*, but if you live here, they are WORSE than weeds. Those little prickly things are seeds and when you cut them down, they just grow back more! Plus they stick to EVERYTHING! And you don't even want to know what they feel like when you step on one. We've got some in our lawn and I got a ton of them in the front garden bed. My plan is to cut the stalks that hold the pricklers off, and then pull them out of the ground. Cutting them down with the weed eater has just made them grow in fuller.

Thankfully its nice outside so it's not that bad working in the yard (for the IO).

Kitty bad news: Apparently Tiger got into a fight with another cat outside. She had a puncture wound in her side and a scratch in her eye. I knew something was wrong when she didnt want to open her eye, but I knew something was REALLY wrong when she didnt want to eat.

Kitty good news: She is going to be fine. The vet gave her some eye drops and antibiotics to help her heal.

Those meds make me feel SOOO much better..........

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Kitties

Hey MOM! Remember when I grabbed your yarn and dragged it into Baby Girl's bedroom before I was caught?

(pause for a moment of silence)

Why do I think that was funnier for me than for you.......

Them teenagers never learn.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Day of Rest

And that's today. I haven't done a whole lot of anything. The IO took the kids out this morning and I stayed home. What did I do? I watched Journeyman and I knit. Wasn't even a charity knit, it was ALL FOR ME!!!!

Today I was the charity case and I SOO needed it!!

Yesterday what started out as a 3 hour outing to the circus ended up being an all day event at the mall!! (Side note: don't know if its a local thing, but don't even BOTHER going to the Moscow circus.) While the circus was a bust, the mall was not. How can you NOT have fun when you get new shoes, eat pizza, eat popcorn, see a movie (The Game Plan - GREAT movie even though there was a sad part that made Baby Girl VERY sad), go to a pet store to see the animals AND stop by Blockbuster to rent even MORE movies?!?

I *did* take a late Saturday Sky shot, but since I was asleep by 8pm, I never got a chance to post it.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go back to my day off of knitting and surfing the web. eBay is calling my name!!!

"At least she took the time to feed us!"

Friday, October 12, 2007



Yeseree Bobcat that there reads 66 degrees!! I realize that would normally be a heat wave for some of you, but living in the Orlando area, it hasn't been that cool since June. And yes it may already be up to 80, but it's not supposed to get much hotter and since the humidity is low, it actually FEELs like the 80s!!

You take the cool weather while you can when you live in Florida.

With all this talk of *cold* weather, it get's a girl thinking abt wool socks. And that means shopping!! So what that I have a pair on the needles that I've hardly touched. Who cares that I have a HUGE bin full of sock yarn. When your LYS reopens after being closed for the entire summer, you go!!!

I REALLY wish I had a picture of the place before it was renovated. The previous owner was a smoker so even though she smoked outside, the store (AND the yarn) still smelled like smoke. Well new people bought the shop and the owners of the building renovated the space. Go look HERE to see what the store looks like now.

Did you look? Isn't it nice? It's not very big, but she has put alot of stuff in the space she has. She's not completely done yet, she doesn't have a table in yet for her classes that she has scheduled (the one they ordered was too big for the area), there are no current knitting magazines, and the sock yarn selection isn't the best. However if you are in the area, I say stop by and take a look. She's not my favorite shop, but I like her better than a couple of other places AND she's nearby. She's very helpful, and the entire time I was there (ok BOTH times I was there) she had other people in the shop so she is doing well. Going into the season will only mean that business will pick up.

Meanwhile, I did well to contain myself in my purchases.

(what IS it with cats and wool??)

The blue yarn is chenille and #1 Son wants socks out of it. It doesnt matter that its polyester, it doesnt matter that I'm making him another pair of socks, it doesnt matter that I have other more appropriate yarn at home to make him socks. What DOES matter is that it is blue and it is soft. It's dk weight so they shouldnt take me very long to make. What a mother will do to please her son.

And the other luscious yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Champlain Sunset. I almost bought some Regia silk/wool blend, but the colors in the CTH just kept calling out to me. And since I don't own any CTH, I figured it was time to get some!

Some progress is being made on the shawl and the sock, but mostly the shawl. I'm on row 65 which means I only have abt 16 more rows to do before I'm done!! WOW that doesn't sound like much at all and makes me realize that I'm getting close to being finished. A nice linen shawl just in time for fall.

Unfortunately I also mentioned a store closing. My LNS shut down. I didn't even realize it until DEE told me about it. Well I had to drive by and see for myself, and I ended up driving right past it!! What normally held a big sign now looked like this.

The place looked deserted and there was this big sign in the window.

I called the shop when I got home but the number was already disconnected. The web site is still up so I emailed them to find out what happened. There was no big sale and no newsletter to let you know they were even closing. Honestly I'm not all that surprised. She bought the business from the original owners and it was never the same since. The new location was dark and there was no place to come and stitch (she would DISCOURAGE it in the old location). Could explain why she's gone.

Well at least I still have a LNS to visit, in fact we have a stitching day coming up in a couple of weeks. Which means I need to find my current stitching project. I think it's behind the couch.

Nothing is safe with cats and small children around!!

Who, US?!!?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Kitties

This is how we are all feeling around here these days......

The IO is slowly feeling better. His short term memory still stinks, but I think once he's completely off the meds, it will be better.

Tomorrow I'll have updates of a LNS closing, a LYS re-opening, and of course some new yarn acquisitions.

Meanwhile this is what *I* plan on doing this wknd.....

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

That's right, the IO is home. He's on meds to keep his body from seizing up again, but he'll be off of that in 2 weeks. The good news is that when he sits in front of the computer, it still makes sense. The bad news is that his short term memory still needs some work. When we came home on Sunday, he looked at Hemi and wanted to know who he was. Later when he was going thru his emails he discovered that he was going back into computers again. And then he came across an email that had the memorial and obituary of a good friend who died in a plane crash a couple of months ago.

What a way to be welcomed home.

Last night once the kids went to sleep I pulled out the calendar and we went over the past 2 months. He remembered I wasn't working anymore, but didn't remember that I had gone back for 2 weeks. However once I started telling him the story of why I left, he remembered it. So that's the good thing. Once we went over it all, he remembered most of it, which was good. Now the key is to see if he'll still remember it today......

It's just another way to keep life interesting.

Thursday night when I took the kids to the mall after seeing the IO, we hit the dollar store for them and hit the bookstore for me. I was going to get one of the books by the Yarn Harlot, but then realized that I probably could get one from JoAnn's and could use my 40% coupon, so instead I got this.

If you've never been to Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, GO!!! She is HYSTERICAL!! And very real. There are times you want to just reach thru the computer and give her a big hug, and there are times she just leaves you laughing with her wit and charm. Definitely a blog to add to your favorites.

Anyway I started reading last night and it's really good. I'm hoping to get to JoAnn's tonight to use my 50% coupon on one of the Harlot's books or to get another set of size 1 dpns. I plan on knitting the 2nd sock for #1 Son before I finish the first one. That way I can make sure the feet will actually fit him by the time I'm done. Oh and have I mentioned I can't find said sock?? I know I didn't leave it at the hospital because I've been working on my shawl there, it's probably buried under all the paperwork or laundry I have piled around the house. I'm hoping that I find my mind among the piles as well. Now that the IO is home, the brain wants to shut down as well.

You know what else really stinks about me going back and forth to the hospital?? I haven't had any time to go visit my LYS. They just reopened after being closed all summer long for renovating. He's got some nerve to have his seizure at the same time they are having a Grand Re-Opening!!

Do you think it was a ploy to keep me from buying more yarn?!!?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October Sky

Is it hot by you?? If you live in the south, its a possibility. I just checked the weather here and its 87 with a heat index of 98.

98! In October!!

For those of you who are enjoying nice fall temps, good for you. Try to send some our way. The last time I asked for rain, you all came thru for me, let's hope it works again.

Thank you for all the well wishes for both the IO and for me. As far as the IO is concerned, he's still in the hospital. Apparently this time around the seizure caused major damage to his muscles causing him to get rhabdomyolysis which means he needs to have a LOT of fluids in his system to flush out the bad stuff. Makes me wonder why it took so long to hook him up to an IV in the first place...Anyway, if his levels continue to drop, he'll be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.

His short term memory is not good either. He's getting better, but it's still sketchy. At least I don't have to remind him that he's there because he had a seizure, but he has no memory of what happened a couple of days before the seizures (he had 2 of them). However I did ask him a computer question and he was able to answer it w/o a hitch! WHEW!! I'm glad to see that that part of the brain still works since that's the part of the brain that makes money.

The only good thing abt sitting at the hospital is getting some knitting done. I just finished row 54 on my shawl making me 2/3s done. The only reason I stopped working on it was because I ran out of yarn. I worked on my sock while in the ER and when I was sitting for 3 hours at the vets on Monday. It's been a very long and busy week. And to think it has only been a week since I quit my job......

I will post pictures of my projects tomorrow or Monday. Meanwhile, here is a Saturday view from the hospital room.

I took the rainbow as a good sign.

And since I'm showing skies, here is a sky from last Friday. The moon was still out as we headed off to school and I couldn't resist.

As I told DEE in an email, the IO has a few years to get his act together because when I hit menopause, I'm holding NOTHING back!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Where's My Rut????

When I was thinking of names for this blog, I was trying to come up with something catchy, but also something that fit and covered a broader spectrum than just crafting. I knew I would be posting abt other things; kids, husband, pets, homelife, along with my crafts. When the Insane One and I got engaged 22 years ago, he promised me that it would never be boring. He wasn't kidding. This is why my blog is named Never A Dull Moment. Twenty-two years later, it still holds true.

Yes this is leading to my news. The IO is in the hospital. In a nutshell, he decided he no longer wanted to be on a certain medication and so went off of it. No calling the dr, no weaning himself off. Well he paid the price for that today. He ended up having 2 withdrawal seizures this AM, one around 1:30AM and one around 10AM. That one I was awake for and could call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. He's doing better, mentally he is fine, but physically he feels like he was hit by a truck. They have him on another medication that they will eventually wean him off of so that he won't have these issues anymore. He should be home by tomorrow afternoon.

The rugrats are handling this ok, its not the first time he's been hospitalized since they've been born. Me? Well I'm dealing. I knit at the hospital and then had cake when I got home from picking the kids up from school. I swear I will never be thin.

Tonight I will lose myself in trash TV; Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and CSI will rule the airwaves tonight. And since I have not taken any pictures of updated projects, I will dazzle you with an old project that still fits.

In 2005, I made a dress for Baby Girl. I wasn't thrilled with it, but she loved it.

Here she is 2 years later still wearing the dress, except now its a flouncy tank.

She still loves it. Makes me wonder how long she'll be wearing this.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When Does the Boredom Set In???

You know, considering I'm not going into the office every day, you'd think things would slow down! HA!! There is still laundry and grocery shopping and school functions and ballet. And the vet. I've been twice this week, once for Hemi and once for Caesar. Both are fine, Caesar is slowing down a bit, but he's over 17 y/o and I'm just happy he's still plugging along! Hemi will be neutered on Halloween (I know, SOO many jokes with that one!), but I'm going to see if we can do it sooner. He's always wrestled with the other cats, but now he's trying to mount them while biting the scruff of their necks. NOT good. The other cats are spayed so no babies can be made, but I'm trying to avoid other tom cat qualities from starting (ie SPRAYING!). Plus the other cats are having NONE of that nonesense so playful kitten time has turned into a WWE smackdown!

Hemi: How do I resist when the temptation is so great?!?

Apparently attacking the other cats isnt the only temptation he has to deal with.

You mean this isnt all for me?!!

A woman from the CIC board offered up some wool yarn to use in our challenges, and for the price of postage, she would send some out. Well I wasn't expecting this much!! And it all fit in that priority envelope. She packed it REALLY well. I'm going to be able to make some really nice socks and vests with it. Thanks Melanie!!