A Day of Rest

And that's today. I haven't done a whole lot of anything. The IO took the kids out this morning and I stayed home. What did I do? I watched Journeyman and I knit. Wasn't even a charity knit, it was ALL FOR ME!!!!

Today I was the charity case and I SOO needed it!!

Yesterday what started out as a 3 hour outing to the circus ended up being an all day event at the mall!! (Side note: don't know if its a local thing, but don't even BOTHER going to the Moscow circus.) While the circus was a bust, the mall was not. How can you NOT have fun when you get new shoes, eat pizza, eat popcorn, see a movie (The Game Plan - GREAT movie even though there was a sad part that made Baby Girl VERY sad), go to a pet store to see the animals AND stop by Blockbuster to rent even MORE movies?!?

I *did* take a late Saturday Sky shot, but since I was asleep by 8pm, I never got a chance to post it.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go back to my day off of knitting and surfing the web. eBay is calling my name!!!

"At least she took the time to feed us!"


Deborah said…
many years ago after coming home from the circus, I overhead the children talking saying how sad the animals were...

We haven't been back - they don't like the zoo either, hmmm.
Life's a Stitch said…
Every working day is an all day event at the mall fo me. My office is ina mall. Not great for the paycheque, though.
Carol said…
Rest is best! I love those kind of days.

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