The Eagle Has Landed

That's right, the IO is home. He's on meds to keep his body from seizing up again, but he'll be off of that in 2 weeks. The good news is that when he sits in front of the computer, it still makes sense. The bad news is that his short term memory still needs some work. When we came home on Sunday, he looked at Hemi and wanted to know who he was. Later when he was going thru his emails he discovered that he was going back into computers again. And then he came across an email that had the memorial and obituary of a good friend who died in a plane crash a couple of months ago.

What a way to be welcomed home.

Last night once the kids went to sleep I pulled out the calendar and we went over the past 2 months. He remembered I wasn't working anymore, but didn't remember that I had gone back for 2 weeks. However once I started telling him the story of why I left, he remembered it. So that's the good thing. Once we went over it all, he remembered most of it, which was good. Now the key is to see if he'll still remember it today......

It's just another way to keep life interesting.

Thursday night when I took the kids to the mall after seeing the IO, we hit the dollar store for them and hit the bookstore for me. I was going to get one of the books by the Yarn Harlot, but then realized that I probably could get one from JoAnn's and could use my 40% coupon, so instead I got this.

If you've never been to Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, GO!!! She is HYSTERICAL!! And very real. There are times you want to just reach thru the computer and give her a big hug, and there are times she just leaves you laughing with her wit and charm. Definitely a blog to add to your favorites.

Anyway I started reading last night and it's really good. I'm hoping to get to JoAnn's tonight to use my 50% coupon on one of the Harlot's books or to get another set of size 1 dpns. I plan on knitting the 2nd sock for #1 Son before I finish the first one. That way I can make sure the feet will actually fit him by the time I'm done. Oh and have I mentioned I can't find said sock?? I know I didn't leave it at the hospital because I've been working on my shawl there, it's probably buried under all the paperwork or laundry I have piled around the house. I'm hoping that I find my mind among the piles as well. Now that the IO is home, the brain wants to shut down as well.

You know what else really stinks about me going back and forth to the hospital?? I haven't had any time to go visit my LYS. They just reopened after being closed all summer long for renovating. He's got some nerve to have his seizure at the same time they are having a Grand Re-Opening!!

Do you think it was a ploy to keep me from buying more yarn?!!?


Anonymous said…
I have the newest Yarn Harlot (Casts Off) book. I have finished it. You are welcome to it, if you would like.

I also have the little one with all the sayings (At Knits End). I'm done with that one too.

I could bring it to stitch day on the 25th.
Jane said…
Men just don't seem to understand the importance of timing when it comes to knitting, do they? hee hee But I'm glad he's home and beginning to feel better. Of course, if it was me, I'd capitalize on that short term memory problem and bring home lots of yarn. Kidding.
stitcherw said…
Oh Lynn, I'm so sorry about your DH. I'm so far behind in blogging that I missed your earlier posts saying he'd been admitted. I sure hope his recovery goes smoothly and quickly for him (and you). It would be so frustrating for all to have the memory issues.

Looking forward to seeing an update of your knitting projects you've been working on, and hopefully you'll be able to get to your LYS soon, I think a yarn fix is certainly in order. {{hugs}}

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