Yeseree Bobcat that there reads 66 degrees!! I realize that would normally be a heat wave for some of you, but living in the Orlando area, it hasn't been that cool since June. And yes it may already be up to 80, but it's not supposed to get much hotter and since the humidity is low, it actually FEELs like the 80s!!

You take the cool weather while you can when you live in Florida.

With all this talk of *cold* weather, it get's a girl thinking abt wool socks. And that means shopping!! So what that I have a pair on the needles that I've hardly touched. Who cares that I have a HUGE bin full of sock yarn. When your LYS reopens after being closed for the entire summer, you go!!!

I REALLY wish I had a picture of the place before it was renovated. The previous owner was a smoker so even though she smoked outside, the store (AND the yarn) still smelled like smoke. Well new people bought the shop and the owners of the building renovated the space. Go look HERE to see what the store looks like now.

Did you look? Isn't it nice? It's not very big, but she has put alot of stuff in the space she has. She's not completely done yet, she doesn't have a table in yet for her classes that she has scheduled (the one they ordered was too big for the area), there are no current knitting magazines, and the sock yarn selection isn't the best. However if you are in the area, I say stop by and take a look. She's not my favorite shop, but I like her better than a couple of other places AND she's nearby. She's very helpful, and the entire time I was there (ok BOTH times I was there) she had other people in the shop so she is doing well. Going into the season will only mean that business will pick up.

Meanwhile, I did well to contain myself in my purchases.

(what IS it with cats and wool??)

The blue yarn is chenille and #1 Son wants socks out of it. It doesnt matter that its polyester, it doesnt matter that I'm making him another pair of socks, it doesnt matter that I have other more appropriate yarn at home to make him socks. What DOES matter is that it is blue and it is soft. It's dk weight so they shouldnt take me very long to make. What a mother will do to please her son.

And the other luscious yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Champlain Sunset. I almost bought some Regia silk/wool blend, but the colors in the CTH just kept calling out to me. And since I don't own any CTH, I figured it was time to get some!

Some progress is being made on the shawl and the sock, but mostly the shawl. I'm on row 65 which means I only have abt 16 more rows to do before I'm done!! WOW that doesn't sound like much at all and makes me realize that I'm getting close to being finished. A nice linen shawl just in time for fall.

Unfortunately I also mentioned a store closing. My LNS shut down. I didn't even realize it until DEE told me about it. Well I had to drive by and see for myself, and I ended up driving right past it!! What normally held a big sign now looked like this.

The place looked deserted and there was this big sign in the window.

I called the shop when I got home but the number was already disconnected. The web site is still up so I emailed them to find out what happened. There was no big sale and no newsletter to let you know they were even closing. Honestly I'm not all that surprised. She bought the business from the original owners and it was never the same since. The new location was dark and there was no place to come and stitch (she would DISCOURAGE it in the old location). Could explain why she's gone.

Well at least I still have a LNS to visit, in fact we have a stitching day coming up in a couple of weeks. Which means I need to find my current stitching project. I think it's behind the couch.

Nothing is safe with cats and small children around!!

Who, US?!!?


Anonymous said…
So, it's true. She's gone!

The knitting store looks good. Do you remember the owner's name? Is it Anna?
monica said…
I think I could never love in Florida those cool days are to far and few in between. I would go crazy if I didn't have my 4 months of sock wearing weather each year. Love the pic of the cat and son.
Carol said…
We're feeling it a little here too! Yay fall! Love your new sock yarns and the pic of the little man and kitty are just adorable :)
Janet said…
Uh huh... 66 sounds balmy. And so non blizzardy. Yep... we had a real wintery day here yesterday. Snowflakes the size of 1/2 dollars. No kidding!

Love the yarn store link. The walls look so warm and sound deadening.

Ok um.... what does LNS stand for? got the L and the S- but not the N.

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