Grown Up Conversation an a CONTEST!

Many moons ago, when AOL was one of the few places that had decent on line groups, my on line friend Vicky told me that a group of stitchers would be meeting up at the LNS just down the road from me. Would I like to come?


I had the normal meeting-new-people jitters, but we had a great time. And 7 years later we're still at it!

from l-r: Jacki, Pat, Kathy, me, Vicky and Dee.

Before meeting up with the girls I went to JoAnn's to get a couple of things. While the clearance section of the yarn was a bit dizzying (they carry SO much more now), I was able to resist and only get a couple of knitting magazines. I was trying to pace myself for the LNS. And I controlled myself there as well.

I bought some 28ct linen (sand and millenium blue) for two new projects I want to start, some GAST and WDW fibers and only one new pattern by M Designs, Five Cats and a Canary.

They had one stitched up in the shop and the dyed floss really makes a difference in the cats. Makes them more realistic w/o having to change shades every two or so stitches.

All in all, it was a great day. It was fun to get out of the house with some friends, shop, stitch and get some lunch. Now that both kids are in school all day, it will be easier for me to meet up with them, I already have my calendar marked for next month!

Now with all this talk abt cross stitching, have I been getting any knitting done? WHY YES INDEED I HAVE!!

My shawl, she is done!! I cast off on Sunday but the pattern I was using suggested a single crochet border. I needed to have a bit of a brain for that one since I don't normally crochet so on Wednesday I pulled it out after dinner and tried it. It was NOT working out at all so instead I decided to wash and dry it. It was MUCH softer than when it went in. I'm hoping once I block it out, it will be a bit longer in the back. Either way, I'm happy with it and expect to get a lot of use out if it this winter.

Project stats:

Start: 5/23/07
End: 10/20/07
Project Time: 5 months
Needles: US #7
Yarn: Louet Euroflax Linen, sport weight in Grape.
I used 81 repeats of a feather and fan pattern which used up 3 skeins (I had less than a walnut sized ball left).

I bought this as a kit from my LYS and since I used the smaller length suggested, I have one skein of 270yds of linen left.

What to do, what to do. I think he wants a new home and so that leads me to my first ever contest!! If you are interested in giving Mr. Euro a new home, leave me a comment. Tell me what you think of Mr Euro. Should he be helpful around the house or just eye candy? You decide. I will leave this open until Nov 1 when I will randomly pick who gets Mr Euro (kind of like the Dating Game). No tricks, all treats.

Now the final question is this, why is the shawl a *she* and yet the yarn is a *he*? Because the finished product (the shawl) is a soft, comforting item, while the yarn in its natural state (Mr Euro) has bits of vegetable matter stuck in it and is a b*tch to work with! Or so my mind thinks........


SusieH said…
oooh, ooooh, ooooh, a CONTEST!

First, let me say I love that "5 cats and a canary" - what a funny pattern :). The floss is space-dyed to get the striped fur? Fantastic.

Mr. Euro be a helpful, helpful man, and become the cutest little lacey scarf. Yeah, that's it!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah......and he's slick too. Gotta watch that Mr. Euro. I will say ... he softens with time and becomes much more controlable.

PS: Has it REALLY been 7 years?????
aksunflour said…
The floss seems like the self striping sock yarn. How much easier our life has become w/computers.

Now what does Mr. Euro want to be? An elegant lace camisole (utilitarian in design, but hinting of the desirable softness that is mostly hidden).
Thanks for the tip - I've wanted to try the Euro Flax, but with all the other fibers I'd ALSO like to try, think I'll pass on that yarn now... even if it gets better with age!
ikkinlala said…
I love your shawl!

Mr. Euro wants to be a mesh bag - practical and pretty.
Carol said…
~snort~ You're hilarious! Nothing like having your own knitting peeps and a great place to be, no? Your reasoning for Mr and Mrs Euro make sense! Mr. Euro would look lovely after morphed into a special table linen via a nice doily pattern!
staci said…
Oh, I think Mr. Euro wants to become one of those cute little facecloths from "Knitter's Stash"--especially since it's supposed to become even softer the more you use and wash it!!!
Ennanella said…
Mr. Euroflax wants to become a beautiful and useful mesh shopping bag! I have the pattern Louet used to sell ($5, some stores still have it) for best ever crocheted shopping bag made from Euroflax. With repeated washings this bag just gets softer and stronger. Perhaps you would like to keep Mr. Euroflax to make your own bag? IF not, I would love to make a grape colored one for myself!

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