Monday Morning Update

Since a couple of you asked, here it is.

I just took it 10 min ago, but you might as well slap a Saturday Sky title under it since it would look the same. I was waiting for a nicer sky but it never really showed up.

Guess what I got to wear over the wknd? My shawl! We went to a convention on Saturday and I knew it would be chilly during some of the lectures so I brought it and I'm glad I did! I can tell already that I will be getting good use out of this shawl. And the Rugrats love it, including fiber sensitive #1 Son. I'm thrilled it's done, but I feel a bit lost now that it is. I get that way with projects that take awhile to complete. I'm glad they are done, but there is a bit of a loss felt when it is. So what did I do? I cast on for a sweater!

I spent the majority of Sunday trying to get gauge on this sucker!! Finally I decided to go down one size on my needles and up one size on the sweater. The sizing will work, I just need to measure length in the smaller size. We'll see how it goes. I'm LOVING the yarn, its JoAnn's brand, Bellezza Collection Dolcetto. It's a wool/cotton blend in winter white and SOOO soft! The pattern I'm using is from the Premiere Issue of Knit It, and its a cardigan w/o the buttons. It's the first sweater I'm making for ~ME~ in, oh, 15 years, so it should be interesting. I don't expect to have it complete in time for this year (though it would be nice), but I will definitely get to wear it next year for sure.

Since it's white, I can't work on it at night while surrounded by cats so I worked on a sock that I cast on last Wed.

I'm using some eBay yarn and my Super 24 Baby Socks pattern. All that is left is to kitchener the toe on this puppy. I showed Dee the cuff on Thursday and it looked HUGE! Like it should fit a large child, but once I turned the heel and could actually count my gauge, I was dead on. The yarn has lots of extra bits that stick out so I think that's what made my cuff so thick. I just need to find a 2 y/o to be sure. It will go in a pile for either CIC or A4A.

And on a final note, don't forget the current contest! Mr Euro is looking for a new home and leaving a comment on what you'd like to use Mr Euro for will enter you into the contest. Nov 1st at noon will be the cut off.

Now to find my yarn needle. I don't think many parents will let me near their kids with a sock that has pointy sticks coming out of it.


SusieH said…
Congrats on the initial wearing of the shaw - yay!! Is that the "my first cardigan" or something like that? I'm always drawn to it when I flip thru my premiere copy of Knit It. Maybe I'll join you!!
aksunflour said…
Thank you for the glooomy sky pic.

And maybe Bumpkins doesn't like the stuff I knit for her because of all the pointy things sticking out of it.

And aren't cat hairs supposed to be knitted into any projects?
Vivian said…
I still have my Knit It premiere sitting around, maybe I should flip through and see if there is yarn to match the projects.

I tagged you for 7 facts about yourself. Come see it on my blog
Anonymous said…
Uhhhh probably not .... two year old + pointy sticks???

Not good. Not good AT ALL!

The sock does look much smaller than on Thursday. It will make some little foot very happy and warm.
Deborah said…
I can mail you a few of my WIPs to finish if you really are feeling lonely...

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