October Sky

Is it hot by you?? If you live in the south, its a possibility. I just checked the weather here and its 87 with a heat index of 98.

98! In October!!

For those of you who are enjoying nice fall temps, good for you. Try to send some our way. The last time I asked for rain, you all came thru for me, let's hope it works again.

Thank you for all the well wishes for both the IO and for me. As far as the IO is concerned, he's still in the hospital. Apparently this time around the seizure caused major damage to his muscles causing him to get rhabdomyolysis which means he needs to have a LOT of fluids in his system to flush out the bad stuff. Makes me wonder why it took so long to hook him up to an IV in the first place...Anyway, if his levels continue to drop, he'll be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.

His short term memory is not good either. He's getting better, but it's still sketchy. At least I don't have to remind him that he's there because he had a seizure, but he has no memory of what happened a couple of days before the seizures (he had 2 of them). However I did ask him a computer question and he was able to answer it w/o a hitch! WHEW!! I'm glad to see that that part of the brain still works since that's the part of the brain that makes money.

The only good thing abt sitting at the hospital is getting some knitting done. I just finished row 54 on my shawl making me 2/3s done. The only reason I stopped working on it was because I ran out of yarn. I worked on my sock while in the ER and when I was sitting for 3 hours at the vets on Monday. It's been a very long and busy week. And to think it has only been a week since I quit my job......

I will post pictures of my projects tomorrow or Monday. Meanwhile, here is a Saturday view from the hospital room.

I took the rainbow as a good sign.

And since I'm showing skies, here is a sky from last Friday. The moon was still out as we headed off to school and I couldn't resist.

As I told DEE in an email, the IO has a few years to get his act together because when I hit menopause, I'm holding NOTHING back!!!


Jane said…
It's too darn hot here too. Hope you get the husband home soon.
Janet said…
Cooler weather? It is supposed to SNOW tonight. don't think it will as I can see the stars, but it is 33 degrees.
Sue J. said…
I hate to tell you this, but we have snow here in Wyoming and temps in the 30's. I never thought I would love the cold until I hit menopause. Then cold is your dear, sweet friend.
Anonymous said…
Sending healing waves to Bill. Hope he's back home soon.

It's thundering here again....maybe we'll get some cool air after the rain passes through. It's GOT to cool off eventually, right?????
Life's a Stitch said…
When I hit 50 I decided I would no longer take any sh*t. You're on the right track re menopause :)

Beautiful sky!

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