Saturday Stuff

The good news: The IO is feeling better.

The bad news: He's well enough to start a zillion projects again.

He has such good intentions, but he's exhausting.

Knitting good news: I have only 10 more repeats on my shawl!! WOOHOO! I'm not going to take any more pictures until it's done. I have SUCH incentive to work on this shawl now that I can REALLY see the end of the tunnel.

Knitting bad news: Not much really. I haven't done much with #1 Son's socks, but (more good news) he likes them! He's very sensitive with what he wears and 100% wool is too itchy for him. The yarn in his socks is a wool blend with nylon AND elastic in it so not only is it not itchy, but its also not tight (another thing he's sensitive to) so it looks like he will wear these socks. That gives me incentive to work on them now.

I'm SLOWLY starting to see things shaping up here. I'm getting piles put away faster than they are being made. My sewing table is still big AND in the living room, but at least it looks like I wont be adding anything more to it. The big pile of clothes in the bedroom has strunk down to just clothes that are too small. I want to separate them into *save for posterity*, *give to my SIL*, *possible yard sale* and *give away*. I don't really like garage sales, but it's looking like I can get rid of alot of stuff that way AND make some yarn money. I'll just have to see how big that pile gets....

While I'm seeing some progress being made inside, the outside is bad. The lawn mower is tempermental at best, you have to finagle it, talk to it and eventually kick it before it will start. I really want to get a new one, one that *I* could start if needed. The IO is outside with the weed eater trying to tame our Garden Of Weeden.

See these guys?

These are Sandspurs. They are nasty. It's a *grass*, but if you live here, they are WORSE than weeds. Those little prickly things are seeds and when you cut them down, they just grow back more! Plus they stick to EVERYTHING! And you don't even want to know what they feel like when you step on one. We've got some in our lawn and I got a ton of them in the front garden bed. My plan is to cut the stalks that hold the pricklers off, and then pull them out of the ground. Cutting them down with the weed eater has just made them grow in fuller.

Thankfully its nice outside so it's not that bad working in the yard (for the IO).

Kitty bad news: Apparently Tiger got into a fight with another cat outside. She had a puncture wound in her side and a scratch in her eye. I knew something was wrong when she didnt want to open her eye, but I knew something was REALLY wrong when she didnt want to eat.

Kitty good news: She is going to be fine. The vet gave her some eye drops and antibiotics to help her heal.

Those meds make me feel SOOO much better..........


Sue J. said…
Wow, what a roller coaster ride of a post. Glad the IO is doing so much better. Yeah, I know how you feel. He's feeling so good that you are getting worn out. I can't wait to see a pic of the finished shawl. And your poor kitty. But it sure looks like someone is on some good stuff. What a hoot! Just as long as it helps the dear recuperate. Have a good weekend.
aksunflour said…
Cat bites are nasty! Athena tried to kick some serious cat butt too. Thankfully there was a window separating the 2. That was really scary!

Glad to hear that you guys are getting some yard work done.
SusieH said…
Pooor babycat - you are busy girlie this week - I hate burrs/prickers/stickybits in the garden. Make me a bit crazy around the edges, they do.

Been a quiet weekend here because Lilybean has a cold...
Deborah said…
I felt like a good cat fight last week!

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