Thursday Kitties

This is how we are all feeling around here these days......

The IO is slowly feeling better. His short term memory still stinks, but I think once he's completely off the meds, it will be better.

Tomorrow I'll have updates of a LNS closing, a LYS re-opening, and of course some new yarn acquisitions.

Meanwhile this is what *I* plan on doing this wknd.....


Sue J. said…
Sounds like a plan to me. What adorable pics of your kitties.
Anonymous said…
Kitties sleep in the funniest positions.

Be sure to check out the sock yarns for me. ;-)

Are you talking about Dreamstitchers? I thought she closed awhile back.
Carol said…
Man do they look comfy! Does the little orange one have thumbs? Soooo cute!
Janet said…
you can only hope to relax.
Anonymous said…
Well, nothing seems to be bothering those kittens, eh? LOL

I'm so glad that IO is recovering so well. And I do hope that next time he gets such an idea, he will inform his Doctor first. That's a hard way to learn something.

I love how the little dress you made for your daughter now works so well as a top. Maybe I will suggest that to whoever gets the little dress I am making. I would make a great top too. haha

Have a great weekend dear friend. :)

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