Thursday Kitties

Hey MOM! Remember when I grabbed your yarn and dragged it into Baby Girl's bedroom before I was caught?

(pause for a moment of silence)

Why do I think that was funnier for me than for you.......

Them teenagers never learn.


Anonymous said…
That's your EURO-FLAX!!!!! What is WRONG with that boy????????

LOL --- gotta love cats!

(Said by the woman with NO cats, NO dogs and just an OLD kid)
Janet said…
Cats.... what a topic today! Thankfully Athena never discovered my stash when she was young!
Jane said…
Oh, bad kitty!! No. No. LOL!
Diane said…
Why does a cat's version of fun always include expensive yarn or time consuming projects where the stitches just happen to fall off the needles as they run across the room with knitting in mouth? Do they ever bother anything knit with cheap acrylic?
Anonymous said…
Aww lol. Love those kitty photo's.

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