When Does the Boredom Set In???

You know, considering I'm not going into the office every day, you'd think things would slow down! HA!! There is still laundry and grocery shopping and school functions and ballet. And the vet. I've been twice this week, once for Hemi and once for Caesar. Both are fine, Caesar is slowing down a bit, but he's over 17 y/o and I'm just happy he's still plugging along! Hemi will be neutered on Halloween (I know, SOO many jokes with that one!), but I'm going to see if we can do it sooner. He's always wrestled with the other cats, but now he's trying to mount them while biting the scruff of their necks. NOT good. The other cats are spayed so no babies can be made, but I'm trying to avoid other tom cat qualities from starting (ie SPRAYING!). Plus the other cats are having NONE of that nonesense so playful kitten time has turned into a WWE smackdown!

Hemi: How do I resist when the temptation is so great?!?

Apparently attacking the other cats isnt the only temptation he has to deal with.

You mean this isnt all for me?!!

A woman from the CIC board offered up some wool yarn to use in our challenges, and for the price of postage, she would send some out. Well I wasn't expecting this much!! And it all fit in that priority envelope. She packed it REALLY well. I'm going to be able to make some really nice socks and vests with it. Thanks Melanie!!


Janet said…
my vet told me that cat "spraying" could be used as a biological weapon! Good luck getting him neutered- bonus is that neutering is cheaper than spaying. Hmmm... kind of like a vasectomy vs. hysterectomy.

MORE YARN!!! Yippee! Enjoy your free? time. LOL

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