Where's My Rut????

When I was thinking of names for this blog, I was trying to come up with something catchy, but also something that fit and covered a broader spectrum than just crafting. I knew I would be posting abt other things; kids, husband, pets, homelife, along with my crafts. When the Insane One and I got engaged 22 years ago, he promised me that it would never be boring. He wasn't kidding. This is why my blog is named Never A Dull Moment. Twenty-two years later, it still holds true.

Yes this is leading to my news. The IO is in the hospital. In a nutshell, he decided he no longer wanted to be on a certain medication and so went off of it. No calling the dr, no weaning himself off. Well he paid the price for that today. He ended up having 2 withdrawal seizures this AM, one around 1:30AM and one around 10AM. That one I was awake for and could call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. He's doing better, mentally he is fine, but physically he feels like he was hit by a truck. They have him on another medication that they will eventually wean him off of so that he won't have these issues anymore. He should be home by tomorrow afternoon.

The rugrats are handling this ok, its not the first time he's been hospitalized since they've been born. Me? Well I'm dealing. I knit at the hospital and then had cake when I got home from picking the kids up from school. I swear I will never be thin.

Tonight I will lose myself in trash TV; Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and CSI will rule the airwaves tonight. And since I have not taken any pictures of updated projects, I will dazzle you with an old project that still fits.

In 2005, I made a dress for Baby Girl. I wasn't thrilled with it, but she loved it.

Here she is 2 years later still wearing the dress, except now its a flouncy tank.

She still loves it. Makes me wonder how long she'll be wearing this.


Sue J. said…
So sorry to hear of the news, Lynn. Glad your DH will be ok. It's always a scare, I know. Been there, more times than I care to count. As far as a rut, forget it. When life gets dull, we get dull. Are we're far more interesting than that. Isn't amazing how everyone depends on Mom to keep things running smoothly. good thoughts coming your way.
Anonymous said…
I wish I was there to give you a big ol' hug!!!!! Tell IO we are sending our best healing thoughts!

Maybe Meghan can wear that dress for her wedding. ;-)
Jane said…
Oh, I'm so sorry for you and your DH. Hopefully, he'll feel a lot better when the medication is all sorted out.

How nice, though, that your daughter is getting such good use out of that pink dress!
SusieH said…
Hang in there sweetie - sending you a hug and IO a big Get Well and Feel Better Quick prayer...
Life's a Stitch said…
Sounds like a rough time. Wishing you some up time to even out this down. Hope you can lose yourself in some good knitting.
Janet said…
My prayers are w/you and your family during this time.

I often call a friend of mine just to here about her boring day. (oatmeal for breakfast and a walk on the beach are her highlights of the day!) someday life will slow down- maybe!
Diane said…
Just catching up on some blogreading. Sorry to hear about your hubby.

Hopefully belly shirts will be in for a long time and baby girl can wear that shirt when she's a teen. lol
Deborah said…
so much has happened in such small space of time. I love your sense of humor but for now I wish you peace.

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