It seems whatever I do today is not working out the way I thought.

The House: I've been trying to clean this house all week, but every room needs to be worked on. Yes I know all the tips and hints of choosing one project and work only on that one. Well it doesnt always work. I also recruited the rugrats and while its important to get them involved with cleaning their rooms, sometimes I think it would be faster if I just did it by myself. Like backing in a bulldozer and throwing everything out.

How many kid's meals toys do we really need???

Knitting: Ok this is the true source of my frustration. I finished the baby sweater for my new niece last night. I used Bernat's Cotton Tots yarn and I wanted to know how it would handle being washed so I knit a swatch (amazing!) and threw it in the wash with the regular laundry. It didn't shrink, but it fuzzed up a bit. Ok so when I washed the sweater, I wanted to give it a washing that it normally would, but a bit gentler. I stuck it in a mesh bag and threw it in the wash with some hand knit socks and another sweater, on the gentle cycle. Then I dried it on low in the dryer.

I'm not happy.

Do you see all that fuzz and pilling!? And this was just being washed in a mesh bag on gentle!! My sil will throw it in with the regular clothes.

So should I defuzz it and send it out anyway? Or should I just write it off as a bad idea?? I am SO not happy right now.

Cross Stitch: I've decided that I need to move on to the next season. I'm working on fall and while it still feels warm here, we are headed toward winter so I think I need to knit accordingly. But what to knit? I have my new January FlipIts to do and I also have the winter scene that I just bought the fabric for. I can't decide. The sweater has thrown off my creative mojo.

Here are before and after shots of Fall before I put it away.

The only solution to all of this is to order a pizza and drown my sorrows in garlic and beer!

Have a safe day tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear about the sweater problem. How about writing to the manufacturer. Maybe they will send you some new yarn. I had a yarn that fell apart in the wash. Turns out the mfg. hadn't done a "final step" with the processing so basically the yarn unworsted itself.

Have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
How frustrating about the sweater. I would de-fuzz it and tell your sis the potential for it to fuzz, and that if she doesn't want it to do that, then she should hand wash.
aksunflour said…
Princess was knitted a sweater set when she was born. I washed w/regular baby detergent. Yes it fuzzed- but Bumpkin's wore it. And now it is put away for future grandbabies. Fuzz and all.

But glad to here about cottontots washes up.
Good luck cooking tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
I think your cleaning woes are heard round the world. But it gave me a chuckle reading it. LOL

I'm sorry about the sweater. I don't know how my little baby dress will wash up in the washer. I hand washed it. Does your Sister have one of those little fuzz shavers? Since they are so popular I assumed pilling and fuzz was a common problem. But maybe your Sister won't mind either.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. :)
stitcherw said…
Sorry about the sweater, that would be so frustrating to have gotten it done and then to run into that when you tried washing it. Your stitching looks great, nice headway. As to the pizza, garlic, and beer, sounds like a winner to me. :)

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