High Hopes

I met up with my stitching group on Thursday which was a LOT of fun! However I hadn't stitched since our last meeting and I wasnt sure what I had so I shoved all my projects into my stitching bag and away I went! Well apparently I had charts and floss, but no fabric. Or I had fabric and charts, but no floss. The only thing that matched up was my Seasonal Spring. I just put away the Seasonal Fall and planned on starting one of my new January ones, but I never pulled the fabric for it. So you stitch on what you got.

Here is what I did yesterday.

Not bad considering I just started the thing.

Dee got a group shot of us, (go take a looksie), PLUS she finished her shawl that's similar to mine. Unfortunately my shots of her wearing the shawl didn't come out very well so next time we'll have to model them together. She also cleaned out some of her stash and brought it to the group. Look what I ended up with!!

All I can say is WOW!!! I haven't gone thru it all yet, so guess what I'll be doing this wknd!

Oh and I'll be going thru some books as well. I think I went a bit overboard when I was surfing our library's directory. You know how it is, late at night you start surfing and thinking of all kinds of interesting books you want to read. I requested a few and the library called to let me know *a book* had come in. Ok so I decided to browse the shelf of new books to add to the *book* I requested.

Let's just say there was more than *a book*.

One is mine and another I borrowed from Dee, but the rest is from the library. At one point I had checked out 2 of the same book! I have fiction and non-fiction books; mysteries, both the knitting and slightly trashy kind; some juvenile books and a couple of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books. Plus a couple of books on CD. They are all due 12/21.

And its not like I don't have anything else to read. These have been sitting on my nightstand for at least a couple of months

Having high hopes is an understatement. Thankfully my library lets me renew 3 times before I have to send any back.......


aksunflour said…
yikes! that is alot of reading w/Christmas Crunch going on.

The Elizabeth Zimmermann is a good one (even though I was in tears!). Chicks W/sticks are fast reads as is Back on Blossom Street. (Debbie Macomber encouraged me on the knitting mania). At least the books on tapes can be listened to in the car. Good luck! (I have 3 library books that may not get read before they are due back).
SusieH said…
Ooooh, I am jealous of all the good books.
stitcherw said…
Glad you had a fun time, and you did get a nice start on Spring. You certainly are going to be a busy lady with all you have. Between the new stash to sort through, and all those wonderful books to read, you'll be set for quite a while.

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