Last Thursday the Mobil down the street was $2.85. I knew it would be going up soon since the price of oil per barrel was rising and so were the other local gas stations. I tell myself I need to fill up the tank.

Friday at noon it was still $2.85. Three hours later it was $2.93.


This morning it was $2.99. By 1:30 its up to $3.03.

I have yet to get gas.

Double UGH!!!

The fact that gas has gone up almost $.20/gal in 4 days is scary.

Then I think that this only means paying an extra $3 for a full tank; that's not SO bad.

HOWEVER, when I think I'm paying over $3 per gallon and it takes me almost $50 to fill up my van, it just makes me wonder how bad it's going to get....

At least we dont have assigned days to get gas, like we did in the 70s. We just have that with our water.

Before you know it, we'll be paying for air. (think Spaceballs)


Vivian tagged me last week to list 7 random facts about me.

1. I'm perpetually 5 min late. Always. When I worked for the newspaper, it wasnt a big deal since I was the first one in. When I worked for the bank, it made my boss nuts since I was consistently 5 min late. Since I stayed late and never took my breaks, I never understood why this was an issue.

2. Once I was warned that I would be written up if I didnt stop coming in 5 minutes late, I changed my ways. I came in EXACTLY at 8am, took my breaks and left EXACTLY at 5pm.

3. This same job made me so stressed, I ended up on heart meds.

4. Two months after I left, I was off the heart meds.

5. One year later I found out my boss from the bank that caused all my issues was fired and escorted from the building.

6. My 4 page exit interview was part of the reason why.

7. Obviously there were other issues involved, but don't MESS with me abt being 5 min late!!!

If you want to play, consider yourself tagged.


Lucy says, "May the schwartz be with you!


Vivian said…
I DID get writen up for being late every morning no matter how much over time I worked. I survived the job for barely 10 months. I was one of 5 women quit in one year. The boss (male) left a few months after I quit and went to work for Fujitsu. I will never apply for a job with that company.
Anonymous said…
Gas prices, ergh!

This morning it was $3.05 at the Chevron where I usually get my gas. This afternoon it was $2.97, but everyone else had gone UP! Go figure.

Thank goodness I got gas yesterday when it was $2.96.
aksunflour said…
You guys w/gas under $3.00 go away. I consistently pay over 3 for a gallon. And yes when I walk away from the pump and have filled up for under 50 I think something is wrong! I drive a mommobile and fill up once a week.

I am habitually 1 min late- the one time I was on time, became a very expensive day! If I had been running according to regular than workman's comp would have picked up the tab- but no... I got to.

See my meme for details!
SusieH said…
Our gas on base should WHIZZ up past 3$ soon then. They follow US prices...I thought it was already, but maybe not.

Spaceballs...GREAT movie
Life's a Stitch said…
It was $3.15 at Costco in WA last week - highest prices in the US. Much better than here, though, we pay $4.00 or so.

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