Made of Money??

Apparently *I* think so since all I've been doing the past couple of days is shop! The one thing abt living in Florida is that you really dont need a lot of winter clothing. And when you are an adult, what you had last winter usually fits you the next. However, when you are a child, that is NOT the case.

We have been having some cool days here, summer temps for some of you, but when you live in Florida and its in the 50s and 60s, not only do you need a jacket, but pants are a good idea as well. After checking both closets, we were down to 1 pair of pants each. So I went to Target yesterday.

And today.

Let's just say I did my part to stimulate the economy and we should be set for a bit. #1 Son needed a new jacket as well, but Target has such great deals, *almost* everything I bought was on sale or clearanced. The one outfit that wasnt on sale was this cute velour outfit for Baby Girl. I know the jacket will fit, but the pants may not. She hasn't tried on her clothes yet because she's sick (again). She was sick the beginning of last week, got better, then #1 Son got sick over the wknd. Got him better and now she's got something different that requires a fever. I'm actually surprised that we've lasted this long considering the classrooms sound more like TB wards. However once the Motrin kicks in, so will she into her clothes.

I went to a different Target today and near this one is a Michael's, a JoAnn's, a Books-A-Million and the mall. I didn't have time for the mall.

Here is what I got from Michael's.
This yarn

for this project.

Once I finish the pink sweater for my new niece, I'll cast on for this. Neither sweater should take long, the pink one is for a 6 month old and this one is for a 4 y/o but in chunky yarn.

As I'm in the drive-thru waiting for my Whopper Jr, I hear two booms. My first thought was the military must be bombing in the Ocala National Forest (yes they do this and yes its a bit unnerving when you hear it), but then I remembered the space shuttle was landing today and sure enough, it was the sonic booms from when the shuttle entered the atmosphere. I find this TOTALLY cool and a definite perk of living in Central Florida. We don't always hear it since it depends on the direction its coming from, so it's a definite treat when I do.

Boom? What boom!? I didn't hear a thing!


Anonymous said…
I didn't hear the booms either.

I was out running errands and shopping ... no booms where I was OR I just didn't hear them over the traffic and the radio.

New glasses for me .... now maybe I'll be able to see at night to cross stitch!
I am so jealous of the shuttle stories, I would love to see the launch and hear the booms you and Dee describe.

That little fish sweater looks adorable. I'm deathly afraid to "color" knit, so it may never happen for me. Can't wait to see yours!
aksunflour said…
I love sonic booms- We get them sometimes (probably nothing as window rattling as the shuttle produces though.)

Umm... what's a book-a-million?

I so can't wait for Target!

And a mom thought it was odd that I don't get water in eyes today too. (even while showering!).
SusieH said…
Cute sweater that's going to be!! I miss Target. Have I mentioned I miss Target? LOL

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