Monday Morning Update - sit back, its a long one

I don't think I've stopped moving since my last post on Thursday. And I almost didn't do that either since Thursdays are one of my busiest days. In addition to running errands, picking up kids and going back out for ballet, I had two field trips to get ready for.

Side note: I didn't get a chance to get into the new cross stitch shop, but as we were leaving ballet, I pressed my nose to the window and while she has a few more charts, the place is still very empty.

Friday was a mix of craziness. #1 Son had a field trip scheduled almost 2 months ago to Medieval Times. Then 3 weeks before the field trip, the Kindergarteners scheduled a movie for the same day. I was NOT happy! I knew I could get the IO to go on one of them, but which one? Baby Girl really wanted me so I made a deal with #1 Son, Daddy would go with him and I would go to the movies a couple of days later to see the same movie. Everybody was happy.

So Baby Girl's class went to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Remember when I said I disliked movies that preview a lighthearted, feel good movie and you end up with a lot of sad parts?? Welcome to this movie.

The movie is abt Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) who is over 250 yrs old and owns a magical toy store. He has decided to leave and pass the store on to his store manager (Natalie Portman). Well his leaving is his dieing. The whole movie is abt how Natalie Portman is trying to change his mind. And the store goes nuts because it doesn't want him to leave either. Baby Girl first started asking why everybody was so sad. Then she kept asking if he was going to die. By the time they are in the cemetery looking at his tombstone, she was crying in my jacket. And quite honestly, so was I. Most of the other kids were busy with their toys from their snack packs and alot of it went over their heads. However there were a few like Baby Girl who were sad. Yes it ends happy because Natalie Portman realizes that she CAN run the store, she has abilities that she didn't realize she had (magical yes, but it was more abt how she now has faith in herself).

Needless to say, it wasn't our favorite movie.

The IO and #1 Son had more fun cheering on knights and eating with their hands.

So where are the pictures of all these activities??? Nonexistent. The camera was left at home.

Saturday was MUCH better. The Orange County Convention Center was hosting the Orlando Needlework Show. This is the first show that I can remember being this close to me (the closest one in the past was in Atlanta). I was hoping to take a class or two, but ended up only walking the show. There were a few glitches getting there (Map Quest is not always right), but after taking the long way around, parking a couple of miles away and taking a shuttle bus, I made it! It wasn't as big as I hoped, but they combined it with the Scrapbooking Expo and the Glass & Bead Show so there was more to look at.

And plenty to buy!

I enhanced my cross stitch stash.... quilting fabric stash......

...and my knitting stash.

The magazine and tote bag were free so I only spent money on the yarn. I LOVE the colors so it may work its way up to being the next to cast on.

Here is my Saturday sky taken from the TGIFriday's parking lot.

This day DEFINITELY made up for yesterday!!

And Sunday. A day of rest. HA! We were up by 8:30 and I didn't get home until almost 1AM. After our morning services, we went out for lunch at Applebee's. Then the IO took Baby Girl home and #1 Son and I went to the mall and had our own field trip. We played in the Game Room and saw The Bee Movie. Very cute movie, I highly recommend it.

So we finally get home at 6pm. I've had a girlfriend trying to get in touch with me all day and as I'm changing into comfy clothes, she gets me. Did we want to go with her to Downtown Disney to pick up her daughter and meet up with some friends? Well the IO had to work today so he said he'd stay with the kids and for me to go myself. WOOHOO!!!!

The places you can go when you don't have your children with you!

We had a nice time and by the time we dropped everybody off, said our goodbyes and then drove myself home, it was after 12:30AM.

I have to say, since I had so much fun this wknd, I'm actually invigorated to tackle this house!! Good thing too since apparently nobody else knows how to wash dishes or pick things up off the floor.


aksunflour said…
Thank you for the movie reviews. Now I know what to watch and what not to. The palm trees just about blew me away. WOW! Ok so I get a kick out of looking at palm trees. It's kind of like seeing fruit on trees.

Looks like you had fun this weekend- way to go. Hope you still have money for Friday's shopping.
WAAAAAA I wish I lived close enough to Downtown Disney that I could go there like that!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you did okay at the needlework show. What kind of yarn is that. It sure is purty!!!

Glad you had a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday (the 29th)
stitcherw said…
My goodness you certainly did have a full weekend. It sounds like you need to rest up from all your excitement. To bad on the one movie, I hate it when they are advertised on way and really have a totaly different feel. I'm glad the Bee Movie was fun, and I'll bet Medieval Times was a riot. I've gone to a similar show here several times and love it.

Glad you had fun with your friend and were also able to get some lovely stash this weekend too. All in all, sounds a great time.
Deborah said…
geez, i thought cartoons were kids entertainment not vicarious group therapy for some depressed screenwriter...
Jane said…
It's clear you've been having a lot of fun! Nice stash enchancements there, too. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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