One Thing Leads to Another

Hemi is now sterile. As a responsible pet owner I make sure my animals are neutered so that I don't add to the abundant population of stray cats. However, as a CHEAP responsible pet owner, I look for ways to make this as affordable as possible. This means going to the local humane society. They offer a discount certificate to make it more enticing to have your animal fixed. So on Tuesday I drove out there to pick up the certificate and to drop off the two blankets I made for them over the summer. You'd think I brought them gold. They LOVED them.

Which makes me want to knit another blanket.

So I enter the closet of yarn (which is technically my clothes closet, but the yarn is quickly taking over) to look thru the huge bag of acrylics. Now where is that pattern?

Oh yes, in the basket I keep near the bed. As I'm searching for the cast on numbers and sizing, I find a sock pattern I was looking for.

So I start going thru the basket to put all the sock patterns in one bag. Wait, don't I have a gift bag that has more sock info in? Back to the closet.

After moving a couple of bags of yarn I find it. Huh? What's this?!? It's the pattern booklet that I want to use for my SIL's new baby!! THAT'S where I put it!

So by being a responsible pet owner, I found the pattern book in an area I never would have looked thru. And my basket by the bed is better organized, esp with all my sock patterns. Of course with all this organizing, it just reminded me of all the projects that I want to work on. Esp for Baby Girl. But at least its with yarn I already have so I'll at least use up some of the stash.

With all this talk of beginnings, I do have a finish. I whipped up some charity socks for A4A.

My basic Super 24 baby socks. I have enough yarn left to make the rim of an infant hat. I'm not really fond of this yarn, its a bit busy for me, but I think it will be just the thing for a cold winter in Afghanistan.

And just a reminder that you have 2 hours to comment on the chance to win some Euroflax linen yarn,aka Mr Euro. I'll be posting the winner later today.

I'm still a little sore Mom. Feed me tuna.


Anonymous said…
Hemi has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes.
What a nice charity! Good for you for making a difference all the way around.
aksunflour said…
Congratulations on being a responsible pet owner.
SusieH said…
I LIKE the little charity socks - they will make some little tyke smile somewhere cold :)

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