Saturday Sky

A friend of mine who lives in NJ picked up her crochet hook when she was working nights. It was a way to pass the time and also to deal with stress. Since it works for me, she figured she'd try it too. She no longer has that job and she wasnt thrilled with her efforts so she sent the rugrats the finished results.

Her alien scarf meant for #1 Son but confiscated by Baby Girl.

Scarf #2 that now belongs to #1 Son. I like the color variations in this one.

She bought some novelty yarn to start another scarf, but the eyelashly stuff made it really hard to crochet so she sent it along in the box.

I am adding in that black acrylic yarn to make it a bit warmer and sending it back to her finished. I've already started it and hoping to have it done by tomorrow night. It's mindless knitting and much easier on the hands than the cat blankie.

It's also a great way to get my knitting mojo back. Being so disappointed with the baby sweater, I needed to work on something mindless so this scarf fits perfectly. I also cast on a pair of baby socks for the new niece. I'm only an inch into that so no pics yet.

However I do have a picture of the first thing I cast on to get out of my knitting funk. Another hat for A4A.

I pulled out some charity wool (by Gaelic)and used my ball winder to make a pretty yarn cake. I am SO glad I have one of those things. I really don't *need* it, but I have so much fun winding up pretty cakes. Cast on 50 sts on size 6 needles, k2p2 for abt an inch and knit for a total length of 7". K2tog all the way across the row, purl back and k2tog one more time. Pulled the yarn thru and seamed it up. All of this seaming is helping me get better at it. Another reason for charity knitting, a great way to practice different techniques.

So this is my contribution for A4A**.

Not a lot, but every little bit helps. Their deadline is Dec 3rd so I will mail it out on Monday. CIC's deadline is the end of the year so I'm hoping to get a couple of socks made for them.

Last but not least, my sky.

Hope everybody is having a safe and fun wknd. I can smell those credit cards smokin'!!

**Hemi not included


Sounds like you're having a great weekend!
aksunflour said…
Wow! beautiful sky. Good luck w/the novelty eyelash- it is no fun ripping it out!

Ok lots of knitting mojo pics- but what about your shopping? I did pretty good will be posting some pics of my acquisitions soon.
stitcherw said…
To bad the crocheting didn't seem to work out for her. Maybe she'll try again and it will go better (or try knitting or xstitch). The scarfs look fun though, especially the alien one. :)
Congrats on finishing another hat, sounds like it went smoothly for you. You'll have quite a nice package to send to them.
SusieH said…
I LOVE that alien scarf! WEll done on the eyelash boa yarn scarf you're sending back to her - it looks great :)

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