Saturday Stuff

Now that Noel and the High over Central Florida have finally left, we actually got to see a cloudless sky again.

It was early when I took this and you can see the moon. It's that little white speck in the top left corner, click to see it bigger.

This one shows some early morning color.

It was also cooler this AM, at least for us.

According to Baby Girl, she now knows what winter is. She is SUCH a Florida girl!

If she could, she'd have put on this hat, but it was too small.

Its the rest of the leftovers from the socks I just finished, the rest of the 1st Kool-Aid yarn I dyed and some yellow/orange I had hanging around. It only took me 2 days to make it AND it looks like a real hat! I think I can make a couple more to add to my A4A envelope before I mail it out.

And I may have pulled out some acrylics to start more cat blankies, but I actually cast on for this.

A wrap sweater for Delaney.

Isn't she cute?

Technology is SO cool!! She's not due to make her appearance until mid-January so I have plenty of time to finish this sweater and start her one for when she's a bit older.

And apparently Baby Girl wasn't the only one to think it was cool this AM.

Another one who has no idea......


aksunflour said…
Beautiful sky pics.

cold is when the human has to turn the heating pad on so that the kitty litter isn't frozen. (That isn't yet!)
Anonymous said…
I am LOVING this cooler weather.
We experienced Noel last night. Wind and pounding rain. It's cold here now anyway, I would LOVE to see 60 degrees again.
Sandra said…
I see you are doing well. Thank you for sharing that adorable picture of the baby not-yet-born. Amazing, isn't it?

Take care. :)

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