Sunday Updates

Baby Girl has a bad case of bronchitis. She's doing MUCH better, but I'm not letting her go outside to play or visit friends. She's not happy with me, but thankfully I have a field trip at the end of the week to dangle in front of her. If she wants to be healthy enough for the field trip, she needs to rest now.

And between both kids being sick on and off the past couple of weeks and me being the human tissue, I'm now sick as well. It's not all bad. You can get alot of knitting done when you are sick.

I've been working on the Baby Yoda wrap sweater.

So far I have the back and the front left done. I'm working on the front right today.

Once I finished the front left yesterday, I pulled out #1 Son's sock to work on.

I just passed the heel flap and am abt to start the short rows for the turning. I'm motivated to finish this sock because I'm NOT enjoying it and want it finished!!!!

At night when everybody is asleep and a cat wants to take a nap on my lap, I pull out a project that won't mind the cat hair.

My cat blankie. I'm not sure how this one will turn out since I'm using the teal as the main color thruout and am adding different neutrals to it. Once the grey is finished, I'll add a dark brown, then tan, then black, back to tan, dark brown and grey. I have a feeling I'm overthinking this one, but hopefully it wont be too bad to look at when I'm done. I like using brighter primary colors, but I have so much of these left over colors, especially that teal, that I think this will be a great way to use them up.

Since I never seem to get on line on Saturdays anymore, I will post my Saturday sky today along with a Sunday sky.


Sunday has more interest IMO. And its a bit warmer today as well. 75, blue skies with white puffy non-rain clouds, and sun. Beautiful day indeed. THIS is why people come to Florida.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, no matter what the weather is.


stitcherw said…
Fun projects, I especially like the way the cat blanket is looking. The teal with the bit of other colors mixed in is looking lovely. Some kitty is going to be thrilled to have it to curl up on.

Hope you're all feeling better soon. With the holidays coming up, there is to much to do to be sick.
Wow, you have fantastic WIPs!
aksunflour said…
Thank you for the wonderful sky pictures. Our sky is gray and rainy/snowy... makes for very dangerous driving. (there was a 15 car pileup on one of our highways yesterday).

Awesome knitting- hope you get better soon!
Vivian said…
Sorry to hear about all the illness going around your house, hope everyone will get better soon! I like mixing colors too. The teal looks nice mixed with the more muted colors, calms it down a bit.

It's great to see your weekend posts and comments. Helps me get my week started in a nice way :-) thank you!
Deborah said…
aw, feel better soon you guys!
SusieH said…
Love the wrap sweater! Hope the peanut is feeling better already...

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