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I LOVE Target. I just spent the AM walking the aisles, esp those endcaps with clearance prices!! And the $1 bins. The best part? The $1 bins on clearance!!!! I just need to find my links that tell me when they put certain things on clearance so I can make sure I hit the store at the right time. If any of you know of these links, please forward them my way.


Ok so if you've read my blog just a little bit, you know I like to knit little things for charity. I've very fussy abt which charity, though, since I don't trust just any Joe Schmoe with a bucket or a hand out. I also don't like pushy charities. If I say, "No not right now" or "not this time", don't try to guilt me into it. It doesnt work and it will make me not want to give to your cause.


This is why I knit for my local animal shelter. I KNOW they can use what I give them. I've also knit a couple of scarves for the Red Scarf Project because Norma is heavily involved and I know that what I knit goes to a young adult who can really use it. I also like to knit for Children In Common because the knitted items are carried over in an adopting parents' suitcase and delivered right to the orphanage. I'm weary of the ones that drop ship them in a huge box to be picked up by the people in need. I've heard too many horror stories first hand of items being delivered for a charity and then being stolen and sold on the Black Market. Nothing is foolproof, but if I don't feel comfortable with it, I move on.

All that being said, I'm a sucker for a person or small group of people trying to make a difference for an impoverished school or a local shelter. Which is why I was interested in this KAL, Knit Unto Others. They list a couple of other charity groups, but the one that caught my eye was Soaring Eagles. I came across them last year, but found out abt them too late to do anything for them. I watched the hats and scarves come in and then she showed pics of the kids who received them. I LOVE when I see pictures!!! So this year she's trying to collect mittens and socks. I've never made mittens, but you know me and socks, so I'm hoping to make up a pair. She's worried she wont make her goal this year, so if you have a little extra time (I know, I know, I've looked at a calendar!) use up that washable sock yarn you have just hanging around. Double it and use bigger needles so that it goes faster. You'll make some kid very happy.

I LOVE my mittens!


Anonymous said…
Those sure are some pretty mittens on the kitty :)

I also like to know where my knits are going; I've read about the CIC before and think that's a great charity!
Anonymous said…
Mittens are so much easier than socks. If you need any help give a yell. I've made many a mitten in my day and have a few tricks that make it super simple.
Nan said…
Thanks for this post, I am encouraged to look into the mitten project you mentioned. If Dee has some mitten knitting tricks, I'll just have to drop her a line and ask for them!!
Carol said…
You're such a good one! I love knitting for others too! Kitty has cute mitts!
Deborah said…
I'm glad the kitty likes her mittens, at least somebody out there does...

hey, thanks for all that charity homework, very helpful!
stitcherw said…
Hmm mittens I'm pretty sure are beyond me, and I'm still at my second sock syndrom with the the one pair I've tried. However, mats for the local animal shelter is a doable one for me. Haven't started yet, but I have found where I've gotten extra yarn stashed, and JoAnns is having wonderful sales and clearances near me right now, so think I'll go that route for the time being. However, if I ever get a little better at knitting I know who to go to to get a listing of places to donate. It is always nice to have a recommendation and know that it is a good cause and they are really getting to the right place. :)

Cute picture too, what wonderful mittens to show off. :)

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