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I finally finished off those itty bitty socks for Delaney.

They came out really cute and I'm glad I did them, but boy I am SO burned out on socks! Now that these are done, I will focus on finishing #1 Son's vest, it's blocking as I type. Oh and why is it that a cat (or catS in my case) can find the ONE thing you don't want them on?!?! I was chasing cats off the vest all day today! I finally covered it with a towel. Once it's blocked I can finish seaming it up and then adding the button bands. Now that I'm doing this vest for the second time and I can read patterns a bit better than I used to, I am realizing that the way the button band is constructed, it should have been knit with the main body. If I would have realized that from the beginning, I would have done it that way. Oh well, I don't care anymore. I just want it done. Then I can finish off Samuel's fish sweater (the nephew I'm knitting for. I've been saying Delaney but avoiding Samuel'…

Saturday sky

With the work week schedules all messed up, I almost forgot today was Saturday! I love the structure of school and work, but there is something to be said for staying up late and sleeping in!!!

Let's see the latest in sky and temps, shall we?

We are going to have another one of those wknds where it is nice and warm today, but come Sunday night we are going to have another cold front come thru and Monday night is a possible freeze watch. At least we won't have to get out of bed! And maybe I'll be able to finish off this gift box for my SIL.

I'm working on that last darn sock and it's taking me FOREVER! It's the smallest sock I've ever done, 24sts on size 3 needles. I think the cuff is abt 2.5 inches and the foot is the same before the toe decreases. The foot finishes to 3.5 inches so these are definite newborn socks (I also measured #1 Son's footprints from when he was just born for good measure). I have 8 stitches to kitchener and then I need to cast on fo…

Year End Recap

With 2008 only 4 days away, it's time to go thru what projects I completed for the year. I have to say, I was a busy girl!!!! It was the year of the knit again; I completed a whopping 44 projects!! A lot of them were baby socks, couple of scarves, cat toys, etc., which makes that number so high. I don't knit to crank out projects, I knit for the therapy of it, so I guess that number is a statement of how much therapy I needed this past year!

Here is a quick rundown:

Non Charity Items
1 baby sweater
1 kid dress
4 pairs adult socks
2 pairs kid socks
1 lacy stole
3 scarves
1 kid tank top
1 cup holder
2 dish cloths
4 cat toys

Charity Items
3 cat blankets
2 kid sweaters
10 kid socks
4 baby hats
1 pair mittens
2 scarves
2 blocks for Warm Up America

See, the majority of my projects have been quick and easy, mindless knitting for my downtime at night.

I only got two projects done in Cross Stitch, two small ones at that AND they have yet to be been finished off. The stitching is done, but the finishing…

Random Kitty Thursday Funny*

*courtesy of this website.

Saturday Stuff

We keep Christmas rather low key here at Happy Acres, so I don't have the crazyness that alot of you are going thru right now. However I *am* having my in laws stay at my house while the IO and I (hopefully) get away for a couple of days. This means sleep over company that will eventually come into my bedroom.


So all day Friday I've been cleaning my bedroom, getting rid of stuff I don't need, organizing the craft pile next to the bed, going thru the pile of magazines. I started a system a few years back where instead of throwing magazines away, I put them in the botton drawer to look at the following year. I figured they put the same articles in the magazines around the same time each year so I'll just save it for the next year to read and not spend money on another magazine. (I know, I'm weird). This actually worked quite well and it proved to me that they DO repeat similar articles around the same time each year. If I started falling behind again, …

Random Kitty Thursday

It's nice to have a friend to cuddle with when you're not feeling well.

What'ja bring me??

Feeding time at the zoo!

Glad you're getting my good side.

Will I *ever* be as big as him?!?

Is that a can of tuna you're opening?

And this is just something green and floral to look at when the majority of the areas are grey and brown. I took it at the beginning of Nov, but now this plant is nothing but twigs.

I've been doing some organizing in my bedroom (the catch-all room) and I'm making good progress. I *started* looking thru my closet and good news! I found the pink sweater!!! How it ended up in the bag it did, I have no idea. And I also found some more yarn for another pair of socks to add to the gift box. Updated knitting and stitching pictures should be coming soon.

It Happens Occasionally

We had THIS as we were heading out to school yesterday.

Considering we were just frolicking in the sprinklers less than 48 hours earlier, it feels REALLY cold!! But the great part abt living here is that by Friday, it will be back into the 70s. When I read all of your blogs and see all the snow, I am just in awe. It's BEAUTIFUL to look at, but I can't imagine having to deal with cold and snow on a daily basis for months on end. Even when I lived in NY for 5 years, Long Island doesn't get that much snow so we still didn't have to shovel that often. You guys are made of hearty stock.

And it would probably help if I put on clothes warmer than just shorts, a t-shirt and wool socks.

However, the cold weather REALLY gets the knitting mojo working and I finished this little pair of socks for the expected niece.

They are close to being identical, even though one has a bit of red on the tip. I always end up with the tips being different. I used Moda Dea's Sassy Stripe…

Saturday Stuff

It's official.

I'm getting old.

I know I'm aging because when I look in the mirror I look like my great grandmother w/o the babushka. So I avoid the mirror. In *my* mind, I'm still in my 20s with the body that went with it. Yes my knee will hurt when the weather is just so, or my hips won't always work (they don't hurt, they just don't always work). I know I would feel better if I just lost some weight, but when I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up watching 16 Candles and stitching, it could be 1987 all over again.

Speaking of 1987, I was watching Music and Lyrics last night. First of all the movie got the 1980s song Pop PERFECT! Between the video and the music, it could have been a song from the 80s. However there was a scene where he is singing at a
Class Reunion from 1987 and I'm looking at all the women there screaming at him and I'm thinking, "Wow, these women are middle aged!"

I graduated HS in 1984. What does that …

Tuesday Morning Update

According to the calendar, its December 11th. However according to the weather, its anything BUT December. Our high for today will be in the 80s. In central Florida. Oh and did you hear abt Olga? Apparently she's a subtropical storm by Dominican Republic.

December indeed.

Meanwhile I'm finishing up mittens to send to a child where it's NOT going to reach a high of 80.

I finished them up last night and will pop them in the mail today. They should fit a 4-6 y/o child. As proof, here is Baby Girl modeling them.

In a tank top. (that mark on her forehead is a polar bear temporary tatoo)

Now that these are done, I think I'll pull out the sweater for nephew #4 and finish up the socks for niece #2.

I've been working on Too Pooped and realized that I needed to put it away for a bit when my eyes started to cross as I was working on it last night.

Here is my before shot

and after.

I did the little pot above the kitty and also some of the branch he's sleeping on.


Summer Saturday?

So while some of you are battling hurricane force winds and blizzards and floods, apparently Florida is stuck in summer, northern style. Here it is this morning around 11:30

with my sky

Then again around 3:30.


depending on what thermometer you look at. Not that I totally mind the near 80 degree weather, but what's a knitter to do when she can't even wear her socks in winter?!?

I know, I'll shut up now.

So with such nice weather, we've got the windows open, the rugrats are playing outside, the IO is playing in the garage and I'm playing in the bedroom. I want to see where I am on various projects. I've got a couple that won't take long to finish, its just a matter of doing it. Hopefully on Monday I'll have some completed projects to show.

And to leave on a funny note, here is a picture that makes me laugh every time I see it. It was a link from a link from a link to a picture somebody posted, but I couldn't get the link to work so I can't even give p…