I finally finished off those itty bitty socks for Delaney.

They came out really cute and I'm glad I did them, but boy I am SO burned out on socks! Now that these are done, I will focus on finishing #1 Son's vest, it's blocking as I type. Oh and why is it that a cat (or catS in my case) can find the ONE thing you don't want them on?!?! I was chasing cats off the vest all day today! I finally covered it with a towel. Once it's blocked I can finish seaming it up and then adding the button bands. Now that I'm doing this vest for the second time and I can read patterns a bit better than I used to, I am realizing that the way the button band is constructed, it should have been knit with the main body. If I would have realized that from the beginning, I would have done it that way. Oh well, I don't care anymore. I just want it done. Then I can finish off Samuel's fish sweater (the nephew I'm knitting for. I've been saying Delaney but avoiding Samuel's name). Then start making some quick charity sweaters. As you can tell, I'm taking a break from socks.

I got the pattern for these socks from here. Followed the pattern pretty much as written except I used dpns instead of circular needles. The Fixation yarn (color #6178) is stretchy so I'm hoping these will last a bit longer than regular socks.
Start: 12/27/07 Finish:12/30/07
These suckers took me 3 days to do; not long really, but considering these guys are knit on size 3 needles and only have 24sts cast on, I should have had these done in a day!

I'd like to say that these will be the last of the 2007 projects, but I think I'll finish off some flannel fabric for receiving blankets. They aren't fancy but they are a bit bigger than regular receiving blankets that will last past the kid's first birthday. I don't get much of a response when I gift them, I get it when the kid is 8 months old and it's the only thing that will keep them happy!


Anonymous said…
Cute socks!

Stephen got one of those receiving blankets when he was born. It was his lovey for years. When he was too old to drag around a blanket, he tied it around his pillow. On one of our vacations it got lost. We think it is somewhere in Atlanta.
Happy New Year to you!
aksunflour said…
Happy new year.
Good job on the socks.
Princess loved the one yard flannel blankets (she swaddled until she was 2). Bumpkins didn't really use the large blankets.
Diane said…
Boy you've been busy! Happy New Year!

If you get a good quality glycerin soap base you can make some nice soap for the kids. My grandkids have allergies to everything and glycerin soap is very moisturizing and safe.
stitcherw said…
The socks turned out adorable, I love tiny little baby socks and shoes and such, they are just so sweet. I like the idea of the larger size receiving blankets too. Like you mention, regular ones in the beginning work fine, but they get outgrown so often before they are really ready to stop being used. The larger size would be helpful longer.

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