How many will I start???

Today's sky brought to you by Baby Girl.

Yes it really was that blah. I almost forgot to take this picture since I was too busy casting on for more projects. Apparently I go from not having anything I want to work on to a ton of stuff to work on. But apparently that's not enough since I cast on for my soon-to-be 3 y/o nephew's sweater.

My goal was to start it on the first of the month and hopefully complete it by the new year. However as I'm stitching along I realized that I wanted to stitch up a pair of mittens for Soaring Eagles and she needs those by Dec 17th so I put down the sweater and promptly cast on for a mitten.

I took this earlier today and I'm now at the point of the thumb. Some say turning a heel is scary. I say making a thumb is scarier. But if I can make socks, I should be able to make mittens.

The only thing I didn't start today was a book.

If I could only get her to knit........


Hi, Lynn!

If you tell yourself turning the heel will be hard, it will. If you tell yourself it is no big deal, then it's not.

Don't get intimidated by that stuff.
stitcherw said…
Fun pictures, and the mitten looks like it will be beautiful, love the color.
SusieH said…
Lovely yarn for the mitten, and TAG!! I hit you in my blog.
Carol said…
Just have fun with it! You'll do a great job:) Wish I were on swing, I forget how much fun that can be!
aksunflour said…
Thanks to Carol (I didn't know that Baby girl was on a swing- I thought that she was sitting on the fence w/2 fishing poles waiting to cast!) LOL

You have been busy- and I still haven't started a mitten yet (yeah the thumb is intimidating.).

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